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Stretching Exercises for the Back: iOS Apps Provide Quick Solution

Are you currently struggling with a painful back and are searching for a few stretching exercises for the back which can help to ease the pain? If so, you’re in luck as we have a list of a few apps which you can download straight to your iPhone for an quick and effective solution.

The first app we have picked out is called Treat Your Back Pain Without Drugs. It is perhaps a little bit pricey at $9.99, but if it helps you to ease the pain, then it is very much worth the money. This app firstly lists the common causes for back pains, and they then offer some yoga exercises which you may want to try out.

Failing that, the app also provides a detailed section on physiotherapy for the back, and then some tips to keep your back and neck strong. We understand some of you may want an app which provides this kind of information for free, but then this app allows you to seek the information whilst you are away from the computer, so thats another advantage if you look at it that way.

Alternatively, we have found another related app for you, which is called Exercising and Stretching Guide and it’s a lot cheaper at just $0.99. However this one isn’t specifcally related to back problems like the first app we picked out for you, but you still may find the exercises that are detailed, useful.

Do you have any expert advice for dealing with back ache effectively and quickly? If so, list your ideas below so our other readers can view. Both apps are available to download from the App Store or iTunes now.



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