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Sony Other OS Removal on PS3: Lawsuit Begins – Your Predictions?

If contending with a certain PS3 developer called Geohot wasn’t enough for Sony, the electronics giant is once again back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time we’re hearing that an official class action lawsuit has targeted Sony, demanding for the answers as to why they moved the ‘Other OS’ option from the Sony PS3.

You can view the complaint in full here, as reported from VG247 and it’s quite a read we have to say. Basically the issue here is that Sony removed the Other OS option in their PS3 Firmware Update 3.21, an option which allowed users to run things like Linux and other legal custom made programs.

However, Sony’s reason for removing this feature was ‘security’ based, while the class action lawsuit states that Sony did this to save money. Obviously if Sony are found guilty as a result of this case, it means that it’s essentially a case of false advertising and it could lead to big trouble for the company, as they were advertising features which were ultimately removed for no good reason.

What are your thoughts on this? What are your predictions for the outcome? Do you think Sony has an argument this time on the Other OS debate, or is it time for them to admit that removing that feature was a mistake last year.



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