Nook Color April update bringing more Apps, Flash Support and Android 2.2

By Chris Cook - Mar 25, 2011

For those of you who prefer the Nook Color for its e-reading purposes than the other tablets currently out on the market, we have some exciting news. It seems the Nook Color is about to get a few extra features in its April update.

The little e-reader may now be used for a lot more than reading e-books. Though some Nook Color owners have been able to do a lot more with their device than initially designed for using custom firmware anyway, those that have stuck by the built in OS can now officially upgrade.

According to an article at Crave the update is to bring extra apps as well as Flash support for the device, therefore suggestions are that Android 2.2 could also be making an appearance on the device.

Also with these suggestions come hints of some sort of app store for the Nook Color. Barnes & Noble has been demonstrating the use of apps on the device since the day it was released, but no one thought the update would come this late.

More details about the update can be found in the article by clicking the link above. What do you think of what the update is set to bring to the Nook Color? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Katie

    Go for it! I bought mine a week or so ago. I was amazed at how much it could do, just being an e-reader and all. Now I can't wait for the update in April. I mainly use it for reading. But its nice to browse the net if I'm out and about. I'm looking forward to the benefit of taking it with us to the beach in June. It seems like a great alternative to dropping a lot of cash for the iPad. And if this update with Flash support and apps goes out mid April, it will be just as good as the iPad.

  • zachandcarrie

    We have one and will just update. This update is crazy late – I saw one review – "…the NC does less than my 1995 palm pilot…". I'll stick by it. However, if you don't care about money, just get a fancy new android tablet. If you care about money, and want mainly an e-reader that does some fun stuff, or have kids (my baby already loves the color books, and I play videos on it as well), get the NC

  • caitlyn

    Should I wait until april to buy one or buy one and update?