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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Before US Release

The Nintendo 3DS has just became available in the UK and is not yet available in the US, however Nintendo has already rolled out a new firmware update for their latest handheld.

A full list of changes has not been revealed, however according to CVG the 3DS should be more stable after the update, also there will be improved wireless network connection functionality and SpotPass improvements.

We are also hearing that a 3D video also comes as part of the firmware download, this plays OK Go’ “White Knuckes”, you can watch the video playing on the 3DS on YouTube. We are unsure as to whether the OK Go video will be bundled with the update in all regions, let us know whether the video appeared on your 3DS in the comments section below

It is great to hear that the Nintendo 3DS should be more stable and connect to more wireless access points, also the 3D video is a nice touch, what other changes would you like to see?



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