Ken doll turns 50: Do you still buy Barbie?

If you are a fan of barbie doll products, this week is a pretty significant milestone for you, as the Ken doll turns 50 this week – you know, Barbie’s trusty friend, or even boyfriend depending on which way you have perceived their relationship over the last five decades.

To celebrate the event, Barbie makers Mattel are running a reality show on the internet called “Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend.” It will be split up into various episodes, and the whole idea of it is to find a geniune guy in real life who displays all the characteristics that we’ve seen from the Ken doll over the years.

News about this is quickly spreading on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, as you can find out more detailed information on the show over at the Facebook page here, as reported from the NYTimes.

So the Ken doll turns 50 this week – does this mean anything to you or not? How many of you still buy Barbie doll products today for collecting purposes? It’s safe to assume that they are going to become very valuable in the years to come, so don’t be afraid of telling us that you still buy them!



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