iPad 2 UK Availability: PCWorld, Comet, and More

By Jamie Pert - Mar 25, 2011

Later today the iPad 2 will become available in the United Kingdom, many of you thought it would be easy to get your hands on Apple’s second generation tablet, however there will be a lot of luck involved as many retailers will sell the iPad 2 on a first-come fist-served basis.

PC World and Comet will not allow you to reserve your iPad 2, in fact there is no way to buy the iPad 2 on either website (pcworld.co.uk or comet.co.uk), all you can do is use the site to find your local store which will begin selling the iPad 2 from 5pm today.

Most of us live nearby to a large retailer who will be selling the iPad 2, however a lot of us do not, therefore there will undoubtedly be a lot of let-down people who traveled a long distance to get their iPad 2 only to find that they were sold out by the time they get there.

Lots of people were hoping to buy their iPad 2 today as ordering online may result in a long 4 week wait for delivery, however we have a feeling that people are going to be disappointed by stock levels as we have already heard rumors suggesting that some stores will be getting no iPad 2s whatsoever, which suggests there may be a shortage of stock.

We would love to hear from you if you are having problems getting hold of the iPad 2, let us know your stories in the comments section below.

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  • pac

    Ordered mine from Comet on launch day… unfortunately they rang on 5th April two days before due to deliver to say they had no stock – I have cancelled the order!

    I will not be buying anything from them again!

  • Garry

    Only managed to sell my original 3 month old ipad 2 days after the release. Went to Apple store in Bristol to be half laughed at by 'genius' when I asked about any stock (you never know till you try right?) I ordered a 32gb wifi one online on 28th March. Website states that it is expected to ship on 25th April for a 4th May delivery! So I'll probably have this one for 3 months before the ipad 3 appears.

  • Clarkie

    I live miles from my nearest town so did the same as Mike and called PCWorld at about 5mins after 5. The wait was only 3 mins and I was able to order my iPad2 (Black 64Gb Wifi & 3G) plus smart cover. The guy dealing with my call said there were >100 people in the queue behind me, and that they'd be sold out within the next 25 minutes.

    I've received confirmation that my iPad will be delivered in the next 3 working days and, reading the comments by all the people who didn't get one, I count myself very lucky to have got one.

    The guy at PCWorld was very helpful, and I'm looking forward to getting it on Tue/Wed this week. It was a better experience than queuing and then being disappointed by low stock levels..

    • Simon

      I ordered mine at curry's online they said it was in stock but today emailed me to say sorry but it will be 28days.
      I cancelled the order!

  • msl

    The apple shop in Brighton had sold out last night. Surely this is just to hype the demand. This is ridiculous !


    I have 4 gadget shops near where I live, Comet, Argos, Pc World, Staples. None of them were even stocking the ipad 2. I had to travel to my town center. I had phoned argos and they told me they were stocking the ipad there, I went in the store and they only had 3 in stock appalling. I went back to the Istore to find a maze of a Que. So now im waiting for the ipad 2 from PC World.co.uk hopefully i placed the order in time so i wont take 4 weeks.

  • chezza

    Comet in Dundee had 10 ipad 2's (only 1 3G model – 64GB) when I got mine there were only 3 people waiting in line to buy! I phoned my sister and she headed up around 6pm and still managed to get her hands on one. I went to pc world in Dundee earlier and they had a queue of over 40 people at 4.20pm. Of course I headed straight back to comet and got my lovely new ipad 2 bang on 5pm. I was 2nd in the queue and got the one I wanted.

  • Mike

    I phoned Comet 5mins after 5pm i got to order a ipad2 , as i was ordering the stock was going fast for the few they had i was told they had 8 x 64mg 3g left and by the time they took my credit card details all had gone. next delivery was in april and most of the stock was gone too. Now i will have to wait how long i dont know

  • Kay L

    I went to my local PC World & Currys store on a retail park at 3.45pm – I was the 12th in line, and they went through the line with a list. There was only 18 ipads available, with only 1 64gb (which was what i wanted) so I left disappointed.. yes I could have had a 32gb, but was very disappointed with the low number of stock.