Facebook Questions, Will You Use the New Feature?

If you have logged into Facebook today you may have noticed that there has been a slight change, this is because a new feature has been introduced which is called Facebook Questions, this allows you to set up your own polls.

Instead of posting a status update, photo, link or video you can now post a question, this shows up as a poll where people can vote for their favorite answer, if the answer they want is not there they can add their own, neat eh?

The official Product Reviews Facebook page has tested out this new feature and it is pretty cool, we have embedded a screen showing our first-ever Facebook Question poll below.

What we love about this new feature is its ability to spread, once you answer the question all of your friends see your answer, if your friends answer the question their friends see their answer, this will go on and on spreading across many groups of friends, countries an cultures.

You can find out fully detailed information regarding the new feature over at the Facebook Blog, to ask your friends a question simply select “Question” just above where you usually type your status update.

Do you like the Facebook Questions feature?


  • Peggy

    Right now, I hate it. People are starting all kind of lame polls and I don't have time to look at them and there's no way to block them.


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