Crysis 2 PC Problems: Patch Download Coming, Multiplayer Key Fix

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2011

Crysis 2 has only just launched on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, but we’re already hearing of a pretty big issue related to the PC version of the game. It seems as if some of you are getting error messages when inputting keys for the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The problem occurs when you enter the key code, as some of you are getting messages saying that the key is already in use, as reported from VG247.That’s obviously pretty frustrating as it’s a brand new key packaged with the game, but the good news is that EA is aware of the issue.

They have stated that a patch update is on the way to fix this problem, but failed to give a solid date for when the update will be occuring. Instead they have offered a temporary workaround which may help fix the issue. If you continue to see this error message, they advise gamers to head into single player, then go back into multiplayer and retype your key .

How many of you have already tried this method with success? Again it’s nothing gamebreaking, but it perhaps takes some gloss off the launch as far as PC gamers are concerned. Let us know if this problem is affecting you, or if you have discovered a completely different issue in the game.

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  • hhhhh

  • ram

    The key code worked fine for me but i'm experiencing a totally different annoying problem. Lighting in the game is always pulsing or flickering. It is too bright to even play the game. Apparently its an issue with ati 5 series cards from what iv read. This sucks, crysis started out as a pc game and now that they moved it to console it seems that they didn't pay attention to all these annoying bugs.

  • sh4rkbyt3

    Hell I can't even get into my game at all. I bought a sealed brand new copy form best buy and upon trying to install the passcode I get a message stating my passcode is no good. this is the 2nd EA game in a row bought from the same place with the exact same problem. I've f'n had it with EA games! It's been almost a week now and not even one single response form anyone at EA.

    • Lyfe

      There are two keys that come with some best buy games make sure you are entering the right key! One is for the upgrades and one for the main game. THe key that is on the back of the manual is the one to make full game work!! Hope this helps

  • Marko

    Yep theres lots of probs with multiplayer atm hoping they will fix it soon…..

  • Dis

    I have got around the Key Issue, but now i can join a game but only for around 30 seconds then it says i lost connection or some crap, but my internet is perfectly fine.