Apple iPhone 5 Cycle: Rumors, hype, release, then repeat

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 25, 2011

Apple may not be god but when it comes to the latest tech and product launching, they know how to pull together a crowd. You only need to look at the sale of T-Mobile USA to AT&T, which some say was due to the iPhone not lunching on T-Mobile, amazing thought that an Apple product can cause such problems for a carrier.

The marketing that Apple applies is pretty impressive; they have a really good system in place. Their product cycle follows a simple pattern, which starts with rumors of the next generation device, this create hype, and then they release the product. This cycle is then repeated again for the next launch, although some users hate how quick Apple creates the next generation device.

No brand is perfect, Apple has their problems too and this was shown last night during the UK iPad 2 release. Online orders could be taken from 1am, but sadly Apple failed miserably thanks to multiple errors while trying to place an order.

We experienced this ourselves when trying to place an order, which took 1 hour and 15 minutes to go through after many page refreshes (You can read more on this here). Sadly this is the price Apple pays for creating such a demand for their products, everyone has their limits, and this includes Apple.

In summary, while Apple make mistakes, we think they are still one of the best brands for innovation. What do you think about Apple’s product cycle, especially with the iPhone and upcoming 5th generation device?

Do you think Apple push out new products too quick, and what do you make of their secret way of doing business? Let us know in the comments.

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  • B jones

    No not soon enough

  • A. Torres

    One thing to mention about creating a nesxt generation devices so quickly. People have to remember that Apple only has one phone device while other vendors out there have multiple devices. HTC has 28 phones in their lineup of phones with 13 of them running the Android Platform. That is quite a bit of competition to contend with even if we consider that the iPhone 3GS is still out there on sale; that is still only 2 phones again many out there. No, I do not think they push out their phones too quickly.

  • Mo Langton