Apple iPad 2 UK Order Problems, Store Says ‘an error occurred’

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 25, 2011

It looks like the build up to the new iPad 2 release has been met with more problems than last year, which not only includes delays in shipping but also Apple not being able to process orders without giving error pages to buyers.

The UK iPad 2 orders started at 1am GMT, and following a few “Oops” error pages, buyers are reporting that they have spent over 30 minutes trying to order the second generation iPad from the UK Apple Store.

We personally tried to get an order through Apple‘s UK Store since 1am, at the time of writing it’s 1:45am and after 45 minutes of trying, Apple are still giving us problems, which is now stuck on an error page stating “an error has occurred during your session. Please return to the Store Menu to continue shopping”. Even if you do this and start again, you are met with the same problems trying to order the iPad 2.

Not a good start for Apple in the UK, although we are not sure if other countries have shared the same iPad 2 order problems. Feel free to let us know.

It’s also worth noting that at the time of trying to push an order through, which was right at the start (1am), the shipping times were 2 to 3 weeks, which was not the same as the United States store at first order. So we can confirm the U.S. delays have spread to the rest of the world, again not good service by Apple.

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  • _LarZen_

    Same problem in Norway, and the problem just gets "bigger" . For me and many others it seams even tho you got the Error page your bank acount has been charget with the order.

    So many have been charged for many many iPad 2's……

    For me I have been charged for what I wanted, but have gotten no confirmation mail and nothing is under order history. Some say it wil take 24h before I get a confirmation mail and my order history gets updatet becaus of the problems.

    And some says Apple wil "hold" your money for 48h before releasing them, making you having to make the order again and getting back in the line…

    So not a good day for some Apple costumers, im a first time Apple buyer and I must say im a little angry about now.

  • Jeff

    I highly recommend double checking your order status, people. I used 1-click here in Canada right when the iPad 2 went on sale. 2 hours later, neither the Apple site nor their automated phone service has any record of my order #, nor did the credit card process the payment, and no confirmation email has come through. Despite all this, I have a screenshot of the confirmation page/receipt with my order number. I don't know whether to re-order or not.

  • Les

    Ordered mine in about 2 minutes at 3:20am (woke up for a wee and ceased the opportunity)
    The 2 – 3 weeks wait time is ridiculous… My estimated delivery date is 26th April… Just in time for the royal wedding 🙂 Pheeewww.

  • Andy

    I share you pain guys!! Every time I saw that 'oops' message i wanted to kick Steve Jobs in the shins! The store was taking orders from 12.40am, and I finally gave up at 1.30am. My alarm goes off at about 5am so i tried on the offchance then and it went through. 26 April delivery date is pretty slack though; Apple can't big up the product and then only make about 50 of them!!

  • L3EDX

    It took me just under an hour to get my order processed from 1am UK Time, having been getting the above reported error every time until the order went through.

    It did state 2-3 until dispatch. Having now had my confirmation email, I can see why! It will be dispatched in 3 weeks, estimated, and delivery in 4 weeks! Ouch Apple, I'm sure you could have done better than this. Its not like its a surprise that the demand would be massive.

    Fingers crossed the estimate is wrong.

  • Oly

    I continuously tried from 1am and wouldn't work, turned my account in 1 click and got through, got a confirmation email for the smart cover but no confirmation for iPad yet…. Nice one apple!!

  • altaaf

    thats the 25th of APRIL

  • Altaf

    opps guess what got the confirmation says delivers 2th APRIL OH MY GOD

  • Altaaf

    never got a confirmation as of yet order went through 2:10am

  • Guest

    Apple need to get this sorted out quickly so that people can use a reliable ordering system and not the pathetic one they currently have. For people to have to try dozens of times is simply unacceptable.

  • Rob

    Tried for 2 hours to order when finally got to work email conformation says delivery 26th April. nearly 5 week wait for my ipad. Big fail apple

  • Amanda

    Absolutly awful,still not sure I managed to get one with login problems and lots of oops then a bank decline then my bank accept who knows where this will end up only been at since 1am never ever again and a 2-3wk wait.

    • Peter-P

      Sorry to note you experienced a 'bank issue' just as I, and several others also! It would be decent if Apple recognised all these delays with the ordering process and allocated some iPad 2's sooner, rather than later!

  • Peter-P

    Finally got through after MANY 'Oops' messages, only to find that LloydsTSB had decided to 'block' my card … I contacted them and was told 'we've had a lot of fraudulent transactions with 'Apple'!!!' They always seem to perform their security blocks at the worst possible times! Order went thrpugh at 0240 … I won't make any nasty comments about bankers, even though they deserve them with their hideous bonuses!! Just got to be patient for 2-3 weeks now awaiting delivery!

  • Josh

    After giving me the error message several times my bank rang me to check that 2500 pounds was actually supposed to be going out, looks like I bought a whole load of iPads…

    • Ellis McNicoll

      I had the same problem, been in touch with apple and I hope the issue has been resolved. But not very happy.

  • Dinakar

    If you log on as guest you can order !I did it!

    • Peter-P

      That's great for you, but what loyalty does that demonstrate fromApple for regular Apple users with their accounts already 'set-up'

  • tired

    wow, just spent 1 hour but finally made it, incredible, must have tried 15 times from 12:30 until now 2:10 am
    now back to bed!

  • Lovey

    Same Thing in Switzerland!

  • Dave

    00:30 got mine but still showed 2-3 week till dispatch

  • Ian

    If you use 1-click ordering, it will go through. Worked for me about 20 mins ago