Will Apple dictate iPhone 5 to Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 24, 2011

We can remember a few years back when Sony came up with the slogan “ Do not underestimate the power of the PlayStation”, well it seems as though this also applies to the iPhone. Never before has a handset demanded so much attention, and there are rumors that the iPhone 5 could dictate certain standards to Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

Apple has never been one to back down, this was evident back in 2007 when they refused to agree to the terms that Big Red wanted to set, which is why they went with AT&T instead. However, with Verizon now on board, it is only a matter of time before Sprint gets the iPhone, as T-Mobile is now part of AT&T so they do not count anymore.

Apple now only has to mold three carriers, but what will they try to persuade them to do? Well the first would be “Nirvana”, which means that Apple would want to make their iPhone compatible with all carriers, something that has been hard to do in the past, but Apple could be just the company to make this happen – only because of the might of the iPhone.

The likes of Sprint would be stupid not to agree to what Apple wants, as they will be the only carrier without the iPhone 5, which is not something that they would want in 2011. Knowing that they might be the only one not to offer the iPhone 5 to their customers might not go down too well.

These carriers hate to be told what to do, but times are changing and there has never been a handset like the iPhone that holds so much power in the industry. Will Apple be able to dictate what it wants with the iPhone 5 to Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T?

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  • albert

    i hope iphone come to sprint soon and i switch the same day to sprint, maybe thousand of people are waiting this day, so sprint be prepare for the human wave going to switch to sprint

  • tomoyubu

    My fiance and I had iphone 3gs with AT&T. We loved it, but the cost of AT&T was ridiculous. I can't remember exact plan, but we paid over $200 month. We now have EVO 4g with Sprint. We DO NOT like the phone, but we love the payment $140 (I worked at hospital, so I get discount rate) per month for 2 EVOs. 1500 shared minutes (any mobile to mobile is free, doesn't matter which cell carrier), unlimited text and data with premium charge for 4G. If Sprint gets the iphone, it would be a big success for them.

  • guest

    you guys are horrible iam paying $183 for 4 lines with everything unlimited

    • Gjlouisne

      which carrier is that?

  • Scoop

    Please leave, it would mean cheaper rates for us that still have Sprint. Buy an Iphone and jail break it.

  • MisterT

    It don't really matter whether people spend fifty or five hundred times that by a few million subscribers and sprint will definitely get the hint and I don't understand why so many people wanna leave sprint the other carriers don't have any better rate plans and the majority of there service at least the 4 g is subcontracted out to clearwire so if its the phone you only want just get one cracked there are places to have it done

  • vrl

    I really hope Apple can get the iphone to be compatible with the sprint network, I believe they can do it. And Sprint would be moronic not to agree to Apple's terms. If they don't get the Iphone when my contract is up I might consider paying more to have the iphone. Sprint's plans are competitive but unless they get some super phone this summer then I may just jump ship!

  • guest

    I have the 1500/ unlimited text/data w/ 4 lines. My wife and I have macbook pro and ipad. Went with HTC Evo 4G but it doesn't work well with my mac stuff. I'm looking to switch to iphone. Wake up Sprint!!

  • guest

    Sprint customer for 8 years, using Palm Pre. I have iPod and iPad, and do not want to fool around with iPhone copies. Sprint better get the iPhone this year or I'm leaving.

  • Rincon

    Sprint, Get the iphone or you will loose my family package. Esily $ 300 / month.

    • Hugh

      probably not 300 or you are an idiot. I didnt know sprint had a "loose" family plan. With idiot customers like you Sprint could stand to lose a few.

  • Chris

    Get an Evo 3D and call it a day. Fuck the IPhone.

  • lol

    plz sprint come out wth iphone 5 i will luv ur company for ever!

  • OMAR

    I have been with sprint 2 years , i bought the htc evo without a contract last year ,the reason i did it is because i am waiting for th e iphone 5 if they do not get it ,I am very sure , i'll leave it

  • Eric

    Sprint, we wont the Iphone 5. Hope you are listening.

  • Sprint Subscriber

    Phil is an idiot and a liar. He assumes to know what Isaac has on his plan. He has no idea what plan, how many lines or what discounts might apply to this other person's bill but sees fit to accuse him despite lacking any true reason to do so! I have 5 lines, a 20% discount, 1500 minute family, unlimited txt & data on all 5 lines and I pay $197 a month. I too have been with Sprint since 2001 but I got my current plan two years ago. I too will leave if they don't get the iPhone. At this point I will probably leave even if they do because of coverage issues that moving to Verizon will resolve iPhone or not.

  • Phil

    Isaac is an idiot and liar. You don't have a 168 monthly payment. Even 2 lines with everything unlimited doesn't cost this. Your false fanboy post for iPhone is the definition of a failure in life. I've been with Sprint since '04 so they only way your bill is that is by never upgrading your plan since the early 2000's which shows you're an even bigger idiot from when I started typing.

    • Ryan

      The 100% sprint unlimited plan costs $99 a month. Data plans are somewhere in the $50-60 a month range (it's been a while since I've looked at data plans). There's so many different possible combinations here… What if he pays insurance on his devices? Quit being a jackass and do a little homework before you decide to lash into people. Just because your bill is cheap doesn't mean everyone's is.

    • Hugh

      my bill is 168 for two lines. So he isnt an idiot. I have a 1500 shared plan with everything but land line calls as umlimited. So as the saying goes better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it and remove all doubt.

    • Jimmy

      Isaac is right, i pay about 160 a month for 2 lines (both are evos). this price i think is ridiculous and the evo doesnt compare to the iphone.

    • michelle

      i am wondering how old you are, Phil? under 18?

  • Isaac

    Ive neen with sprint since 2001 and they dont launch the iphone 5 Im moving to another company and sprint wont continue to see my $168 monthly payment no more ! Oh and I have the evo but still waaant the iphone and no.device will beat the iphone never .

    • Steve

      I totally agree, I have been with sprint since 2000, but now with verizon having the iphone, they can either get their act together and offer the iphone or I will be jumping ship.

      • Gundoe

        Same here, with Sprint since 2000, very patience and waiting but this is my last year of wait. If no iPhone 5 for Sprint, I have to leave, period.
        Sprint, your customers are leaving, do something to keep them!!!

        • boobs

          ummm no they aren't, they have gained 2 million subscribers in the last 2 quarters, check your facts.

  • mbest

    Sprint are you listening?
    Nothng but the Iphone will do.
    So if you want to keep your customers MAKE IT HAPPEN! Iphone now please!!

  • moises

    i really hope so.