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Update on iPad 2 US Availability

With the recent news that Apple could run out of components for their 2nd-generation iPad, we thought we would offer an update on the iPad 2 US availability. It now seems as though things have started to improve a little, and now new orders say that shipping will be three to four weeks – although these are still estimated.

Previous shipping dates were four to five weeks, so this is only a minor improvement, but it is still better that nothing. However, this could still anger some US customers, as some other countries only have to wait two to three weeks for shipping, that’s according to AppleInsider.

It was no secret that Apple were going to have an issue with the iPad 2, as demand was very high, so at least we can see that Apple may now be getting their house in order. The new iOS tablet device has shown that it still has what it takes when compared to rival Android devices, as we cannot say that they sold out in the first weekend of becoming available.

There have been concerns that the likes of Apple and other consumer electronic makers would have an issue with supplies due to the disaster in Japan, but thankfully Apple has shown that they are able to work through such issues. We still have to wonder how long it will be before shipping will be down to 24 hours, which could take weeks or even months. However, by that time we could then face the same issues with the iPhone 5.

Is four to five weeks still too long to wait for the iPad 2?



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