TripAdvisor: Members email details stolen

If you are a member of travel site TripAdvisor you should check your inbox, as the site is warning its subscribers that its member database has been stolen.

Gareth Halfacree over at thinq is reporting that an unknown third party has stolen a ‘portion’ of its customer email database. The travel site has warned its users that they may see an increase in spam. TripAdvisor does not collect member’s details such as financial information or credit card details, or passwords.

Users have also been warned by TripAdvisor to be vigilant regarding phishing attempts, as the people responsible may try emailing users and trick them into revealing personal information. The site has told members it would never ask for such details.

TripAdvisor said in a statement that they have “shut it down and are vigorously pursuing the matter with law enforcement“. They added they will be improving security to prevent it happening again. The situation while embarrassing for the company, is not as bad as it could be as they do not store member’s personal information, so the attackers have less to play with.

Are you a member of TripAdvisor? And have you received the warning email from the company?



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