TelePresence Tech kiosk: Virtual shopping comes to life

While television manufacturers are working to bring the best that 3D viewing has to offer to the comfort of your living rooms, it seems TelePresence Tech intend on using the technology for retail purposes.

They will bring a whole new meaning to virtual shopping by bringing it to life with their 3D kiosks. The TelePresence Tech Kiosks were spotted at CTIA 2011 where demos were being provided for those fortunate enough to be there.

The kiosk makes a 2D image seem like it is floating and seemingly all angles can be seen of products being d=advertised as if they were actually there. Touchscreens accompany the kiosk allowing shoppers to scroll through like a catalogue and pick which items they wish to get a virtual image of.

Overall this is a less expensive way of bringing products to customers, obviously without the need of a store, and customers can even get face to ‘face’ customer service through the kiosk and buy the items they desire.

More details about the TelePresence Tech technology being used can be found at their official website by clicking the link. What do you think of this new way of virtual shopping? Let us know in the comments below.



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