Samsung SE-406A Blu-ray: Slim external drive announced

By Chris Cook - Mar 24, 2011

Samsung are responsible for a wide range of electronics equipment even stretching in the computer hardware industry. Today we have news of an announcement of new product from the company, the external slim Samsung SE-406A Blu-ray drive.

The drive supports 3D playback which would provide netbooks and notebooks the capability of viewing it with this optical disc drive. It is designed to work with both Windows and Mac OS computers.

As the article by Shane McGlaun at Slashgear explains the drive will be able to play normal Blu-ray and DVD movies, be able to write to DVDs and CDs and will read Blu-Ray discs. It comes with software that will allow you to test your PC’s compatibility to support 3D content and play 3D movies called CyberLink True Theater.

To avoid any errors from writing speeds being faster than the speed of transferring data, it is equipped with Buffer Under Run technology.

The SE-406A will begin shipping in April and will cost $150. More details can be found in the article at Slashgear by clicking the link above. What do you think of the new external drive from Samsung? Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Christiaan

    If it could write Blu Ray disks I would have been super excited. But this doesn't really get me there. I prefer to watch my Blu Ray disks on my bigscreen HDTV and would only like to watch them on a laptop when I travel and DVD may just be good enough for the smaller screen. But give me the ability to burn my own Blu Ray disks and you have a taker for sure.