PES 2011 Arrives on Windows Phone 7

By Tina Chubb - Mar 24, 2011

If you own a Windows Phone 7 handset and happen to be a fan of the Pro Evolution Soccer football game series, then we may have good news to bring you. Not only is the PES 2011 game available on a number of consoles and the iOS / Android platforms, but the game has now arrived on WP7.

As Steve McCaskill over on the website recently noted, the Konami-developed game – which is now available to download for £3.99 / $4.99 – promises the most advanced player and team AI compared to all its rival football games, as well as unrivalled graphics and realism.

Thanks to its Trueflow control system, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 game will cater for gamers of all standards. The Trueflow control system uses the phone’s accelerometer to aid beginners, while more advanced gamers are given complete freedom.

The game – which as you know includes classic teams such as England, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and France – also comes with Xbox Live achievements. It even comes with online leaderboards, enabling players to show off their skills to their mates.

Are you a fan of the Pro Evolution Soccer games? If so, do you own the PES 2011 game on more than one platform?

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  • marhorn

    I got the trial and to be honest its not that good. Windows Phone 7 has amazing graphics (just look at ilo milo) so kinda disapointed that all games arent that good. That said it is an enjoyable footbal game….just gimme Halo Wars with ilomilo graphics and some sweet turn based (like the free chess game) versus and bye bye iphone.

    Microsoft aint gonna do that yet with the current install base of WP7, so go get one!