Nintendo 3DS: Manual Contains Brick Warning to Hackers

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2011

Last month we gave you an indication that a Japanese Nintendo 3DS had already been hacked to allow the use of R4 Cards which became very popular for the old DS, but now we’ve learned that Nintendo are ready to take action against anyone who attempts to hack into their new prized asset.

The Nintendo 3DS is out this week in Europe and the US and we can tell you that the official manual for the system contains a statement from Nintendo which warns hackers that the 3DS includes built-in ‘technical protection measures’ which will detect the use of unauthorized programs, or R4 cards like we mentioned above.

Here is the message in full as reported from PGN:

“This product contains technical protection measures. Use of an unauthorized device or any unauthorized technical modification to your Nintendo 3DS system, will render this game and/or your system unplayable.”

As you can see, Nintendo also state that attempting to hack the 3DS will result in a permanent brick, both for the 3DS itself AND the game that is currently loaded onto your 3DS. They obviously knew that hacking was a major problem on both the DS and Wii, so it looks like they have extra measures to ensure that security on the 3DS will be upheld.

Having said that, we don’t think the system is unhackable. Time and time again someone comes along and manages to open up the system, and the whole bandwagon starts off again. We think it’s a question of when, and not if. What are your thoughts on this? Are you interested in the use of these R4 cards on the 3DS or has this message scared you away?

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  • thats not legal you can SUE this fags anyway I dont have 3ds and im not stupid to buy it since is lame as hell

  • Danne Valeroa

    Hello, morons.

    EULA’s and other digital manegement acts give Nintendo rights in America to brick the 3ds or Wii, the same way PSP brocked theirs and a lot of players and consoles brick themselves.

    Not only that, but as other poster said, if it is in the manual, you have reasonable notification that your system can brick if you use it in an inappropriate manner. And yes, they have every right in the world to try and dissuade piracy by reasonable means.

    I don’t think Nintendo can or will spy on users to randomly and remotely brick a 3DS, without some kind of notification or update. Saying that is ill advised and premature.

  • faez(cr7)

    I also have use r4…Umm,i mean r4 sdhc..have some ds rom inside it..I have updated my own 3ds..But nothing bad happend..This mean about 3ds bricked,it awfully not true..

  • Lawliet

    Guys, I used an r4i on my 3DS and it didn't work. I updated my 3DS and nothing happend…but still, will they brick mine even if i used it only for a sec?!

    • anon

      Yes, they will set your 3ds on fire. you have been warned.

  • bostonblah

    sorry im not buying it,no way that there is a msg in the booklet for the US version,if there is it wouldnt afford them any protection under the law,they can not brick your console,i dont think thats legal,you never signed anything that allows them to spy on your system or to allow remote code execution to brick your console,you would need to sign some sort of binding contract that would allow that,it like a car company saying that it make your engine blow up or seize and be permenently unsable if you put an unoriginal part in your car,they can not brick your console for using a ds flashcard,using a flashcard is totally legal.and does not automatically mean you are pirating,this is ridiculous,almost as ridiculous as them trying to say that piracy was a problem for them,when less than 1% of every wii sold was modified,and less for ds,most customers anre kids and parents of kids,and have no idea about flashcards,softmods ,hbc,or piracy even existing,they have made record profits,they are not loosing anything due to piracy,if they were they wouldnt have made so many systems,they have made more hardware that anyone ,and everysingle console they made has been hacked and allows piracy,if they were so concerned they would make their products in japan,not china,the counterfeitingand piracy capital of the universe,manufacturing your product there to save monet and exploit people for cheap labor all but ensures your IP will be stolen and sold on the black market,they deserve whatever they get,for their greed

    • 6LO6

      Amazing text wall.
      "manufacturing your product there to save monet and exploit people for cheap labor all but ensures your IP will be stolen and sold on the black market,they deserve whatever they get,for their greed"

      I absolutely love your logic (SARCASMSARCASMSARCASM) and reading this, I essentially assume you're a child. Having a product produced for cheaper isn't greed, its running a good business, which is what Nintendo does.

      "Greed" would be using a ROM to play countless games which you haven't purchased.

      There are essentially two main (legal) reasons I can see for a person to use a ROM.

      a) They have the games on the ROM and simply want a better way to carry around all those games. Without having a case filled with cartridges.
      b) They want to upload gameplay to the internet.

      Essentially, I do see a fault with Nintendo for not supplying a means for DS players to upload gameplay to the internet, though I DO understand that they have no real reason to as the amount of players that actually want to do that is minimal.

      If anything I support this initiative, should prevent people from pirating their games and that's almost always a good thing.

      I have no idea what the fuck you're trying to say about an "IP being stolen", that simply sounds like a racist assumption and I honestly think you're not smart enough to be a troll so I think you need to take another look at what you're saying before you're saying it.

    • amp3d

      I agree, this poster is nothing more than a troll, if that!

      And who says bricking your unit has anything to do with "remote code execution?"
      I say its not very remote if it's done locally with security in place on the actual device.

      My guess is it wouldn't be illegal for them to do so anyways, especially if it's in the manual!

      • Lawliet

        You sounded like Phoenix Wright :)) You forgot your objection.

  • gigabait

    That's one less console bought from Nintendo by me…

    • luiz

      Nintendo is more concerned with ( third party developers who are abandoning the platform ) than with you
      "an idiot who will buy it anyway"
      well done nintendo!