Mortal Kombat: Xbox 360 Exclusive Character – Kratos Beater or Pipe Dreams?

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2011

We have just showed you the very first official gameplay trailer for Kratos, but now we have some information which may excite Xbox 360 owners who are still feeling a bit frustrated that they aren’t getting an exclusive character on the Xbox 360 for Mortal Kombat.

It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Xbox 360 wouldn’t be receiving an exclusive character, unlike the PS3 which has God Of War’s Kratos, but some recent comments by creator Ed Boon may just offer Xbox 360 owners a glimmer of hope. Here is what he had to say in an interview with Giant Bomb, as reported from VGHQ:

”Well, there’s nothing that we have ready to announce but we love our 360 players and we love our PS3 players and I think everybody’s gonna get something they’ll be happy with.”

Obviously, this isn’t a clear cut confirmation that the Xbox 360 will get an exclusive character, but it’s clear that NetherRealm Studios are going to offer ‘something’ at least, to sweeten the deal on the Xbox 360 side of things. At the moment, Xbox 360 owners are clearly not happy with the PS3 getting Kratos, a Kratos stage and 3D support, so what are NetherRealm going to add to the Xbox 360 version of the game?

It’s the big question that everyone is waiting to hear the answer to. What are your thoughts on this? We still have a while to go until the April 19 release date, so there’s plenty of time for further reveals. Do you think the Xbox 360 will get an exclusive character in the end, or is it a case of fighting a lost cause?

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  • ronnie

    Xbox is Freddy krueger

  • Rosario-moses

    how do you get kratos from a cheat?


    player in in the sentence just before the period. forgot to add the word player sorry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (*—-*)


    I really don’t care whether we get krantos or not i personally would choose master chief from halo it is my favorite game i guess between halo and mortal kombat i could not really choose but like i was saying was they have their lame old retarded character krantos and we have halo and they don’t if we had it they would just as jelious as we are of the.They have krantos (god of war) we would have halo (spartan) really they are not anymore special then we are thank you for your time.

  • Theman

    effin netherrealm give 360 owners an exclusive character NOW!

  • Theman

    effin netherrealm give 360 owners an exclusive character NOW!

  • Moe11100

    Pur kratos in xbox version please

    • Moe11100


    • Moe11100


  • Moe11100

    Pur kratos in xbox version please

  • Death To All

    The worst thing i did is by a ps3. You Friken Whore

  • I Say that while PS3 users get Kratos, us Xbox 360 users will get the guy from HALO… or someone like him…

  • KillerBS420

    why does it have to be an exclusive character? why not just somebody you would really like to see in a mk game like spawn or deadpool or maybe even duke nukem? the punisher would be pretty cool as well.

  • Cody

    How about this. Since ps3 has God of War as an exclusive game, and Xbox has Gears of War, give ps3 Kratos and give xbox Marcus. Or, give xbox the option to create your own character.

  • javier

    please make somthing or put in spawn or the guy from soul rever if u dont know who he is u can google it and cheek the pics and hes just the right person for MK trust me he has the right look please please do somthing sony SUCKS it cant even keep hackers back gosh

  • dbundy321

    The xbox has cyber sub zero and the ps3 has kratos

    • cyber sub-zero is also avaliable in PS3….LOL….and also Fred Gruger….PS3 FOREVER!!!

  • Mark

    I think it should be Raziel from Soul Reaver

  • ATTENTION ALL XBOX 360 OWNERS WHO WANT A EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER. I have seriously bad news for us. I just read an article of why the xbox 360 isnt getting a character it said Ed Boon WANTS to put Master Chief or Marcus Phenox in Mortal Kombat but they Can’t.Why?It’s because someone cancelled the idea.But he dosen’t know who it is! It Stinks!

  • Tyrin

    i think alex from prototype should be on xbox 360

  • jason

    ur just hating on ps3 cuz 360 blows

  • Mrphiilll

    I know that we didn't get an exclusive, but as unlikely as it was going to be, i was hoping for the original Fable hero. The super buff guy with plate armor that can cast spells. It doesn't fit as well as Kratos, but it better then Master Chief. And Marcus (Gears of War) never fights, he just shoots.Although Ryu (Ninja Gaiden) fits pretty well.

  • leonardo

    DANTE de dante’s inferno,ou DANTE de devil may cry

  • Sex

    Honestly, I've been a huge fan of Mortal Kombat for a while, and I've never actually owned a game. I almost got DC, but it was rated T, which i thought defeated the purpose partially. I don't give a damn whether or not we get an exclusive character, because I'm just looking forward to an awesome, brutal game. While something exclusive would be a nice addition, not having one doesn't take away from the pure awesomeness that is MORTAL KOMBAT!!

  • KiinG

    How about the dude from dead to rights, or dead rising, or even crackdown, they would all fit in

  • Michael

    In my opinion, Exclusive characters are not a necissary addition. But kratos (God of war) is a game made for the Sony PlayStation. Hence on the game case "For Playstion ONLY". Now as for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Halo characters are for the Xbox system ONLY. Those are the main games that are made for specific systems. If there were to be an Xbox exclusive character, there is a chance it would be Master Chief (Spartan). But there are many other possibilities for the Xbox exclusive, it doesn't necessarily mean it would be a character though. Could be an alternate ending, avatar accessories, etc..

  • wongtime

    master cheif would be lame ass, he's not suited for mk universe, after seeing the kratos video i'm glad he's in the game, he looks like he fits in and he has qt events! that should be interesting. Exclusives or not xbox and ps3 are getting a kick ass mk game. If you need an extra character to justify purchase then you are not an mk fan or understand the franchise. This is a return to glory so don't miss it based on ignorance. 360 is good, They have been slacking in the games department recently but still a solid system, ps3 keeps trying to please it's fanbase and we have no problem with that. April 19th can't "get over here" fast enough!

  • wongtime

    i think all the costumes are unlockable through the krypt in game

  • PS3 Flame

    We PS3 owners get Kratos, while you Xbox 360 owners should create a petition for your own exclusive content. Equality is a beautiful thing, you know. 'Nuff said.

  • anonymosity

    Kratos is a Play Station Franchise, exclusively. Meaning that IF NetherRealm Studios (formerly Midway) it would have to be an exclusive Xbox 360 only character; which putts up an unfortunate Master Chief option, along with a character from Fable 2 or 3 and microsoft games… then again, there is most lkely no alternative for the Unfortunate 360…

  • Steven

    I think Clay Carmine looks pretty BAMF to be an Xbox exclusive character, better than his brothers, and i have both a PS3 and an Xbox but i’m getting mine for 360 so i can play with friends

  • toodles

    I PS3 Owner and I hate Kratos…

  • Joe

    xbox sould get salior moon. Enough said

    • Isilwen


    • jaen

      i love your humor man!!!LOL!!!

  • The voice of truth

    If Xbox doesn't get an exclusive to even things out, then I'm not buying it. Already annoyed that you'd have to pre-order 3 copies from seperate outlets to get the klassic outfits. Perhaps I'd reconsider if they made a 'klassic outfits' pack further down the line. Still pissed off that the PS3 fanboys will be gloating about this for years to come. Like you stuck-up assholes need any more reason to rag on us Xbox owners. -.-

  • How Predictable.

    16 days til release. NO NEWS OF ANYTHING SPECIAL FOR XBOX 360. Of course.

  • Dante

    they should RAAM from gears of war because they had the who is a more evil villian some time ago and it was Shao Khan VS RAAM even though Shao Khan lost

  • Mike

    Duke Nukem or Max Payne

  • Lowkey

    I believe that Ed Boon should either add ryu from ninja gaiden, spawn, or an killer instinct character like saberwolf,or Spinal… Not T J Combo he to similar to Jax.. Also whoever he chooses needs to have their story and stage…


    for the xbox ,the special character must be' pikaciu' from pokemon,hahahahhaah lol
    ps3 the best for ever….WE HAVE KRATOS ,AND YOU ???
    just dreaming…… xD

    • schuka5

      Ignorance is detected in this post majorly

    • ??MM

      ur moms dreaming in

    • Guest

      pfft nub. we cant pikachu on a non-nintendo console.

    • XboxGAMER


  • jackson

    jackie from darkness

  • Brian

    Marcus from gears

  • Kazuya

    M$ owns killer instinct and midway developed that franchise with Nintendo, it's a no brainer….

    • Alan Ng

      Yeah, I agree with you Kazuya… if they are gonna do it, it HAS to be a KI character..only someone like Jago or TJ Combo would make PS3 owners go 'holy ****'! Let's hope it happens..

  • JustinT

    Kamataichi from old school SNES Ninja Warriors! lol

  • Scorpion

    i think they should have spawn. it would be pretty bad ass.

  • sic_salem

    Xbox should just rip off Soul Caliber 4 and take the Apprentice for MK. i personally thinks he's much cooler than Kratos…. even though he's not exclusive to 1 system. OR xbox could have the Fable Hero lol

  • reedo

    I hope it will be Kinect enabled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StolenJokes

    I agree with Justin. An Exclusive Character is purely a marketing ploy, and obviously riding on the coat tails of Soul Calibur in that respect. Mortal Kombat has always broke the mold, and it's gonna do it again. Why follow another formula?

    • WhoIsThatGuy864

      like they broke the mold with the last 3 or 4 games………. Mortal Kombat vs DC was tar-bad lol no brutality….. really. All that was, was a bad version of Marvel vs Capcom. Dont get a brother wrong I love Mortal Kombat but i am not gonna put it up on some amazing pillar of awsomeness. It has its flaws and Nether Realm knows that it has to do something to make up for the baddees it put out.

  • Justin

    I hate how everyone keeps talking about “no exclusive characters” like it’s a bad thing. I for one think the idea of putting in crossover characters like Kratos is an abomination to the series. I don’t want an xbox exclusive character, unless it’s another mortal kombat character.

    • wan san shu

      my sentiments exactly

      • Joseph

        Agreed. Basically all ps3 got was a Quan Chi look-a-like.

    • Leon

      Clearly you have no taste God of war is the best game for playstation. To add Kratos a legendary playstation character to Mortal Kombat "probably the best Fighter Rpg" would blow it wide open its going to be amazing. Ps3 Version will be better only downfall for ps3 is that Xbox live completly Kicks Playstation online's ass so there's ups and downs here but in total Kratos will kick Mk ass.

    • Chelsaganator

      Hey Justin, I own an Xbox 360 and even I can say your full of shit. Fuck this Xbox 360 version of the Mortal Kombat game. I WANT KRATOS IN THE GAME.!!! I own a PS3 and it is 10 times, no wait, 100 times better then an Xbox 360. The worst thing I ever did was buy an Xbox 360. And if you would actually come and meet me, I would beat your ass and shove my Xbox 360 controller up your ass and let you feel how much pain this Xbox has caused me. Fuck you and your mother. Eat a dick. Thanks.

  • TurboNugget

    Exclusives or no, I just want the game to come out already 🙁

    • Caleb

      I'ts quin chi! You un lock him for having all challenges unlocked. This is on challenge tower. You don't have to complete them, you can buy them, but the 300 one is the last and you can do the really hard challenge, or buy it with the coins. It'll probably coast you're intire wallet though. P.S. I know I have alot of misspelled words.

  • Low

    Jago Killer Instinct!!!

    • will forever be

      check xbox 360 cheats for mk9 and u will see a kratos fatality with the a button on a video at the bottom of the page stating fatalities

    • Anthony

      thats the best idea ever…