Madden NFL 12: Watch First Teaser Trailer for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2011

The Madden NFL 12 bandwagon is now starting to come into full force it seems. Only recently we informed you that a vote was taking place to determine this year’s cover star for the Madden NFL box art, and now EA has just released a teaser trailer giving a glimpse of some of the new features in the game.

For those of you that still don’t know, Madden 12 has already been given a release date of August 11th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and there will probably also be versions on the way for the Nintendo Wii, PSP and PS2 as well, if we follow trends from previous games.

Not much details are known on the game yet, and this latest trailer doesn’t offer much, except a glimpse of future reveals which EA are planning to unveil soon. However, EA has already announced that Madden 12 will introduce a new ‘surprise onside kick‘ feature and Tuner Sets which you may already be familiar with from previous games. Click the links to the EA blog to find out more about both.

The teaser trailer is below, take a look and let us know what you think of it. Have you voted for your cover star yet? You can do so here if you haven’t.

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  • Steve

    No w that is bad. No way can it be considered a simulation!

  • Steve

    This is unacceptable!!!
    The second part happens in football.