Homefront Update Coming for Xbox 360 Soon

By Jamie Pert - Mar 24, 2011

Today we have good news for Xbox 360 gamers who play Homefront, the game’s developers have acknowledged the problems and plan to roll out an update in the next day or two. The website today posted a message in its blog to gamers apologising for the inconveniences caused during online play and have stated plans to release two updates.

In a previous post we stated that gamers were reporting problems of freezing during online gameplay. This problem would be enough to infuriate any gamer during online play, so it is very pleasing to see that people are working hard to fix the bugs.

The first update that will be released will be aimed at the Xbox 360 and will be coming in the next day or two according to the message on Homefront’s page. It is said to fix the ‘Freeze’ issue that gamers are having and also will fix the matchmaking service to stop players being matched with distant server locations.

A second update is also mentioned in their message and it can be viewed from the site here and is well worth a look if you are a Homefront gamer. It mentions fixes coming for the Playstation 3 also so do not worry Playstation owners, you are being listened to as well.

Have you experienced any problems with Homefront? What do you want developers to fix?

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