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GTX 590: Disadvantages for ASUS GeForce

The GTX 590 is finally here, but there seems to be a few disadvantages for ASUS GeForce and its high-end PCB even before it gets started. The main issue is that it never seems to live up to its hype when it comes to its performance – yes it is good but seems to live in the shadow of the Radeon HD 6990.

So what are those disadvantages that we mentioned above? Well Hard OCP believes that not only is the price a little high when compared to the Radeon HD 6990, but also that it lacks in performance, which could be down to the lack of RAM. This means you are getting less for almost the same amount of money – which will not go down well when you consider that you are spending around $700.

The sad thing is, the GTX 590 is almost on par with the GTX 570, which is an older card – not something that will make you rush out and buy one is it? Also you have to remember that the latter works out at around $100 less when purchase from Newegg and its MIR system.

NVIDIA has been working on this card for two years, so would would have assumed that in that time they would have been able to offer just a little more RAM or maybe a slight adjustment on its price. Having said that, the GTX 590 is still a more than capable card, one that should do quite well in the high-end GPU market. Is the ASUS GTX 590 worth the price?



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