Energy-efficient military uniform replaces last season’s solar-powered necktie

It seems the military are not just heroes when it comes to battle but also when it comes to saving the environment. While survival and security are on their priority lists, seemingly energy efficiency is not far from the agenda while doing their job.

We previously brought you news of the U.S Army being issued with what the latest in technology has to offer, Individual Gunshot Detectors (IGD), now we have news involving British Troops. Though it may not be the first time you have heard of solar cells being worn, the UK intend on developing a new energy efficient uniform that uses this technology.

A team of researchers have combined thermoelectric devices with photovoltaic cells to create the new improved uniform. These solar powered garments would half the weight of current outfits as the new battery pack is lighter than the traditional ones.

The technology would allow the decrease the possibility of detection from infrared radars and allow the military to perform longer missions by absorbing energy across the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

Though we may not see these uniforms deployed for another couple of years after tests, a prototype is due in 2013. More details can be found at I4U News. What do you think of these uniforms? Let us know in the comments below.



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