Del Monte Cantaloupe Recall: Form of salmonella

We are only approaching the fourth month of 2011, and there has already been a worrying amount of food recalls. The latest is the Del Monte Cantaloupe recall, which is due to a form of salmonella contamination. It has been reported that more than 5,000 cartons are to be recalled.

The cantaloupe recall only affects those that were distributed through Alaska, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho and California. The recall comes after reports of 12 cases of salmonella panama, although often fatal there have been no reports of serious infections.

MSNBC reports that this illness can often affect the elderly and young children more, as well as those with a low/weak immune system. The FDA is now working with these distribution centers to learn where in the supple chain these food products could have been contaminated.

For those of you who fear that you might have an affected Del Monte Cantaloupe, then you are asked to take it to where you purchased it, as long as it is uneaten. For more details on this please call 1-800-659-6500. Are you woried about the high number of recalls that keeps being reported?



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