Crysis 2: Xbox 360 Vs PS3 – Which Graphics are Better?

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2011

If you’re a regular visitor of some of the best gaming sites on the internet, you’ll know that countless graphics comparisons are being made between the console versions of Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 or PS3. The game is already out in the US, while those of you in the UK will get to play it on Friday.

Since you probably are getting bored of all the attention that Crysis 2 is getting with regards to it’s graphics (which are stunning by the way), we’re going to keep things to a minimum by pointing you in the direction of perhaps the most definitive verdict you’ll need if you’re looking for the best version between the Xbox 360 and PS3.

That verdict comes from the guys over at Lens of Truth, and you probably will know that their comparisons are well regarded in terms of gaming analysis. They have uploaded a series of side by side screenshots of both versions, as well as an included video to back up their analysis. Each individual image gives you key information below, such as the frame rate on each console per image, and also the amount of screen tearing, if any.

Here’s the interesting part though. While the screenshots seem to suggest that the Xbox 360 has better frame rates than the PS3 version, the 360 version does have a little screen tearing, while the PS3 doesn’t have any. The images themselves though look pretty identical, so it’s a bit harsh to say that there is a clear winner here.

What are your thoughts on their verdict? Are you satisfied that there are no big differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Crysis 2? We’ve included the video below since it’s pretty essential that you take a look for yourself.

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  • Guest

    yes,that’s right crysis 2 is better in x-box 360 because making games with direct-x(x-box) is easier than open-gl(ps3)
    but open-gl(ps3) has much more graphic power than direct-x
    but you should work more to have better graphic in open-gl

  • Hollis Badrie

    Crysis 2 has TOO MANY GLITCHES!!!

  • i like awesome games

    you start to see things popping up alot on big levels thats annoying but i playd crysis 1 on low detail so im used to it

  • Anonymous

    actually, come to think of it… the xbox uses ATI technology for its graphics, while the PS3 uses NVidia… ATI is known for slight graphic tearing isn't it? So to compare the PS3 against Xbox 360 would be wrong… It's the graphics cards.

    • Sean Patterson

      Proof that ati is known for tearing?


    if anyone seriously is thinking they want to play a FPS on a PS3 and not a 360 they are obviously not FPS fans

    • Agent_Blade

      Ok man no need to for the fanboyish comment.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone can say Xbox 360 is better or PS3 is better, bottom line they are both great consoles in their own way. I own an Xbox 360, simply because it was more affordable to me and I still get to play Call Of Duty, and Need For Speed, and Madden NFL, and Crysis 2, etc. I would say PS3 is more future proof in that it has Blue Ray, but for now I'm happy with which ever console I have at the moment…

  • rob

    Was mentioned already but I'd say the fact that the developer chose to render the game at a higher resolution on the xbox than on ps3 is a clear giveaway over which console version crytek viewed as superior in terms of graphics performance. Clearly memory bandwidth is a bigger issue on the ps3 than it is on xbox, which is reflected in the majority of cross platform titles. On the whole though, graphics are impressive on both consoles considering how antiquated the hardware is compared to your average pc gaming rig these days. I bet PC gamers are getting silly frame rates out of crisis 2.

  • yaaay


  • jazzy-joe

    to all of you out there saying the 360 version is better and don't know what screen tearing is take another look at the 2 picture comparisons at the top of the page and have a look at the lights at the top on the xbox version… they're not lined up straight are they? thats screen tearing and in my opinion makes a game not worth playing.. I'd get the PS3 just because of that

  • sean

    I am sure the PS3 version is better because Crytek has said so. The difference you will see depends on your Television. I have XBOX and PS3 and the Panny G25 and can assure you that Crysis 2 looks better than any previous cosole game with large detailed levels. The close runner-ups are Assasin's creed Brotherhood and Uncharted 2. You must have a gaming television, which currently the only way to go is Plasmas. The Tv also needs to be able to use the nonstandard RGB range found on cpu monitors , and set your ps3 to full range. FPS does not really actually matter as much from the player, ex.: it is typically 24 fps for movies which never allows for motion blur given the tv is free of motion lag (Plasmas). PS3 exclusive titles do tend to look better than anything else, just something I have noticed. Keep in mind the controller on PS3 is not as well suited for shooters with its gas pedal inspired triggers.

  • Hardcore Gamer

    WTF!! Any serious gamer would have both systems and a high PC. This "mines better than yours" crap is so childish – both systems are good for many different reasons, and some games are coded slightly better to make use of certain hardware characteristics. PS3 has a stronger processor, 360 stronger graphics, end off.
    I prefer the controller of the 360, but the general interface of the PS3. Game tearing drives me insane and the 360 seems to have quite a bit, PS3 hardly ever see it in a game. Generally I buy PS3 games if im using it online, otherwise its a 360 version.
    You want the best graphics – buy a high end PC.

  • Christian

    PS3 > GayBox 360

    Nuff said.

  • dude2

    I think Crytek created a crappy game. It runs like crap on my PC, constantly crashing, stuttering, audio stuttering. It's just a poorly coded game. My PC meets the specs. Other games run just fine. And man the story is a snoozefest. I should have just stuck with having KZ3 on PS3. I've been gaming a lot this generation, and none of the games compare to the PS3 exclusive titles. They are just a step above the rest. I am so glad I never bought a 360.

    • Warlord

      Maybe your pc is only reacing the minimum specs and you need to tune the graphics and detail down a tad this should give you a better experience.. you need a ultra high end pc to be able to run it on full detail.

  • Big p

    I've got the commodore 64 version-bit slow tbh

  • Anders

    gro…. if you don't know what screen tearing IS! you should not be watch/reading a GAME comparisment…! O_o'

  • Suck_IT

    LMAO, can you guys seriously play a FPS at 30fps and be happy with that!? Has to be 60 minimum for me. 30fps is PSX era gaming…

  • gro

    what is screen "tearing"? all i know is that i play on my 360 since it runs a bit soother without 'gettiting stuck' as much and has a clearer picture. if the mp is ant good, i'll def buy it 🙂

  • Anders

    (smartGUY) you DO know your an idiot when telling people to shut up, and then saying the xbox is better YOURSELF right…8)!?

  • Anders

    smartGUY : you DO know your making yourself look like an "idiot" when you telling people to shup up, and then say the xbox is better right…8)?

  • smartGUY

    your all dumb just buy both systems and suck it, crysis 2 is better on 360 maybe caz the way crytek developed it so get over it you bums.

  • hcode123

    god of war 3, kill zone 3, and drake uncharted looks better than any xbox360 game. The reason why is because those games are bigger in gigs. lIke the xbox360 can only store up to 30 gigs on a disc were the ps3 can store up to 50s gig or more. And who ever is talking about killzone 3 is crazy. I don't know if you seen that game in 3d but that game definitely looks better than any 2d xbox360 game. That's why ps3 is winning in graphics. PS3 has 3d xbox360 doesn't. Can't wait until Mortal Kombat 9 comes out we'll have Kratos and 3d, where you xbox360 fanboys will have neither. Get over it and get a ps3. Having a xbox360 is like having a dvd player and having ps3 is like having a blu ray player. It's simple as hell. PS3 is superior because we have 3d, get it.

    • Srslys?

      Last time I checked, a dual layer DVD (360 format) can only hold 8.5GB, not 30… A dual layer BluRay can hold 50GB, single layer is 25GB.

    • Warlord

      You dumb ass, xbox 360 does play in 3d, I'm playing cryis 2 in 3d now…. and get your facts right about disc space, the ps3 uses blu-ray technology so can have up 25gb capacity per disc, but know game actually uses all this space, if you have the same game on the ps3 and the 360 this does not not mean the game is bigger in gigs on the ps3 as its the same game moron! it will have different coding but the games sizes will be quite similar! Your just a ps3 lover with an attitude against 360 owners, get a grip!

    • bernard black

      True, there's that factor too. You can tell when looking at a PS3 title that the mega texture thing is a huge benefit.

  • FvK-U

    textures further away on the PS3 are definitely lower res.. ksut like your precious KZ3 and Uncharted games – douches!

  • Acekidder

    It is a good game and looks nice but the story is a bit naff and doesn't drive you along or draw you in in the same way reach did also the large scale battle in reach are way more fun not to mention vehicle based combat. I think i am just over half way trough it now and starting to get a litle bored 🙁

  • BuckFastMonkey

    AN AMAZING GAME. Ive fell inlove with this. Not a fanboy of any system, I look at things logically. If you have a good PC, its the better experience for all kinds of reasons, if you have to choose between XBXOX and PS3, I have friends with both, and the XBOX version just feels better. It seems to look crisper, run smoother… Screen tearing is not noticable whilst playing, and its all about the frame rate sync, and it happens in the PS3 version too, possible not as much if tests are run? You have to sacrifice some more FPS on multiplayer, and with the PS3, i have seen it go really choppy.

    As for reccomending it as a game… I am sick of COD. Bought all of them! But sick of MP. This IS trying to be like it, but the nanosuit is a fantastic twist, and right now, everyone is a noob, so playing it is a great feeling, and I think it will be around for a while, with some new, and hopefully FREE maps to come. So, buy, and enjoy and Ill see you on the battlefield!!!

  • joseph

    wtf, i own the pc version and you console fanboys don't have a clue. The performance numbers its showing are clearly in the xbox's favor, somehow. The screen tearing is so low the human eye can't even detect it with this game.. The ps3 version isn't "blurry" you xbot fanboys, it runs at a LOWER resolution, right at 12% lower, thats why its a bit crisper. You can't "adjust" your TV to fix that.
    Get over it, the xbox version is superior Ps3 guys, and xbots don't even know how to argue a clear victory.

    • pizda_ti_materina

      Ignorant prick, the ps3 version is triple buffered. It does run at 2 frames less than the 360, however, unlike the 360 it never managed to drop down to the "fully playable" 12fps (check digital foundry videos for proof). Native resolution is a joke and it's not noticeable at all. All assets, textures, etc are of the same resolution and some even higher on ps3. Native image resolution is the smallest factor here. Plus ps3 has much higher resolution shadows. Clear victory for 360, no way in hell. PS3 is actually the winner.

  • caffman

    thing is would anyone recommend it as a game?

    • Mush


  • Tazzz

    I bought it on both , and is some parts ps3 is better and other parts xbox is better asfor tearing , dont really notice any , i prefer xbox because the controll was ment for a man as for the ps123 controll is the sole reason i stopped playing ps as i got older , but in saying that i found a converter so i can play with my xbox cont on my ps3 , waiting for it to arrive…..,

  • dmjkdm kfkmgk

    why are you guys saying that the ps3 has blurring, i believe you mean the xbox has blurring look at the guys badge, and the room in the backround on the picture at the top. The ps3 is crystal clear while the 360 is washed out and blurry (it also has screen tearing), and look for yourself.

  • Bullet

    I have both systems. I bought Crysis 2 for the PS3 and rented a copy for the 360 and they both look exactly the same to me. Once you set the brightness on your tv and change the PS3's RGB from Limited to Full the games looks exactly the same for both systems. At least to my eyes. I didnt notice any screen tearing on the 360 but did see a slight blurring occuring on a few movie scenes on the PS3. Never saw blurring on the gameplay though.

  • marhorn

    The game looks better on Xbox 360! I have played both now and its is very obvious on certain levels! A very good FPS but in no way as good as Halo Reach!

    • nathen

      xbox fanboy

  • Sam

    It's a shooter and it runs at around 24 FPS, sometimes it even goes down to 20. It's only the beginning of the game and it's fair to assume than it the later game, it goes down even more. A shooter should stick around 28-30 like the xbox version. Killzone 4 is a LOCKED 30 FPS. Motion blur was made to hide the details on the PS3. Probably because Cryengine wasn't able to render it on the PS3. Crytek really shot themselves in the foot on this one. Claiming PS3 was easy to develop for and that the game would look better. They have a lot to learn on how to make a console game work. Graphically, Killzone 3 and Uncharted looks better imo.

    • ByProxy

      I dont think anyone could have said it better. I think a lot of developers have a lot to learn about making console games. And not to mention a little thing called porting, so asinine.

  • mike

    I would have to say crysis 2 makes killzone3 look like a mess. kz3 and crysis 2 are my favorite games though.

    • Amir

      Thats because you don't know what youre talking about.

  • Bob Dylan

    Technically speaking the PS3 is the winner in performance, due to the fact it's less than 5 FPS Lower than the Xbox 360 and sometimes the FPS was the same; but the reason the PS3 is the winner is because it had 0% screen tearing where the Xbox always has at least 0.2% and upto 3% in some scenes which means it's struggling more.

    I got mine on the PS3, I also own a Xbox 360 but I only use it for games like Halo: Reach.

    • dustrica

      you sound like a sony fan boy my friend 🙂

      • Jassu

        Because you are bringing it up, it sounds like you a Microsoft fan boy my friend 🙂

        He was merely stating the facts about the comparison video.

    • HDMI

      Isn't the Xbox displaying 720p vs 1080p on the PS3?

      • marhorn


      • Amir


      • wade

        all games are made in 720p the systems just mearly upconverts to 1080 there are like 5 or 6 games only made in 1080p i know gran turismo 5 is, but developers say if a game is made in 1080 it has alot of tearing, you can wikki it to find out what games are tru 1080 thats why if you own a 360 you need to set it in 720p and if you own a ps3 it does it automaticly but i recomend taking 1080p and i off

  • gigabait

    Isn't the game on the ps3 supposed to look better? What happened with the cell !?

    • bernard black

      It's not all about processing power. Both systems are 3.2ghz and have multiple cores. Most PC games aren't even designed to take advantage of more than two cores these days, though, crysis takes advantage of I believe four on a PC. Anyway, what limits the PS3 and even the 360, is memory. THey both have 512mb of memory, with that small amount in memory, you can't do much with the processors on either system, also, the xbox has 10mb additional embedded GPU memory, that essentially serves as free antialiasing and anisotropic filtering, and with it being "on die" memory, the transfer speed of that extra RAM is insane, so if anything, because of that on die RAM / EDRAM the 360 version of any multiplatform title is bound to look better.

      • TYler

        agreed. However, most ps3 exclusive games take advantage of the ps3's superior processing power, which is the reason why ps3 exclusive games usually have better graphics detail than comparable xbox 360 exclusive games.

      • Pie

        Actually, Crysis 2 can take 8 cores.

  • marhorn

    No motion blur on 360!

    • Amir

      Stop lying.

  • Amir

    They both look fine. I hate screen tearing so I went with the PS3 version. My problem with the game in general however is the extreme amount motion blur. Way too much. When I jump back and fourth between this and Killzone 3 it's like night a day. Killzone 3 is so much clearer and focused. It makes Crysis 2 look like a mess.

    • finh44

      in comparison to Homefront it's a god send, but hopefully find i'll out tonight.

    • daryl

      pc version allows us to turn such things as motion blur of its am awesome game u have no idea till u see it on a pc

    • Armada

      that's because killzone 3 is a ps3 exclusive. Exclusives pending on console, always look better than cross-platform games.