Apple’s Two-year Sales Growth Forecast

Apple’s (AAPL) two-year sales growth forecast looks set to be good news for investors, as analyst predict that things will increase by 50 percent, most of which is to do with demand for apps on their mobile devices. If this comes true, then the likes of HP and IBM will seem like small fry to Apple.

Bloomberg interviewed Forrester Research CEO, George Colony, and decided to share with them what he believes will happen over the next two years. He believes that next year Apple will be able to surpass IBM and then HP the following year. We will have to wait and see if this actually happens – we cannot see why not though.

The iPhone maker is no stranger to making it big; they are now the biggest technology company when it comes to market capitalization. Having said that, Apple has had things a little tough over recent weeks; one main reason is due to the health of CEO Steve Jobs. He certainly helped boosts things a few weeks back when he made an appearance at the launch of the iPad 2, but investors still seem a little worried over Steve’s health.

Apple is certainly in a good position, as more consumers buy into their products. One reason for this is because they are not out of reach as they once were. The iPad has and still remains one of the cheapest and best tablet devices on the market, the iPhone is a little on the expensive side, but this has not put off consumers, as they have made it the number one selling handset.

Do you think that Apple will be able to increase its sales growth by 50 percent over the next two years?



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