Apple AirPlay Video Streaming: Licensing would mean HDTV integration

Having previously brought you news of the various manufacturers taking advantage of Apple’s AirPlay, it seems the company plan on developing the feature so it can stream video and not just audio. This could see a development of a HDTV with integrated AirPlay produced.

Although there is nothing official as of yet, Bloomberg were able to receive news from a couple of trusted sources. The sources have revealed that Apple intend to take their AirPlay to the next level. Until now the feature has only been providing companies with audio streaming for their devices although there is increasing demand for video to be included also.

According to the sources it is just a matter of licensing before Apple can enable the already embedded technology. Without the license to stream video the protocol which it already has will not be allowed.

With the technology enabled companies will be able to develop new electronic devices that can use AirPlay to stream video content such as TV shows or movies, which is why a HDTV with AirPlay integration seems imminent.

Although no time table has been set so far it is thought that CEDIA 2011 could be the time when Apple launches the AirPlay video streaming integration. What do you think of this news? Would you use AirPlay for streaming video content to your device? Let us know in the comments below.



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