Trial Starts For iPhone 5 Release

By Jamie Pert - Mar 23, 2011

A recent article posted on DigitalTrends suggests that Apple are beginning iPhone 5 production for trial, this trial is mainly to test out NFC, a technology never offered by an Apple product before.

DigitalTrends sourced their information from ChinaTimes, if their source is accurate the iPhone 5 will feature a metal chassis which will ensure that there are no reception issues and there will be a 4-inch scratch resistant capacitive touch screen display .

For now we must not take these rumors too seriously, however it does make sense for Apple to thoroughly test out near-field communications before they officially release their next-gen iPhone, let’s face it poor implementation of NFC could spell trouble for the future of contactless payment methods.

Recently we revealed that RIM’s OS 6.1 devices will almost certainly feature NFC, therefore it looks as if smartphone manufacturers are keen to adopt this technology, we wonder if it will be as popular as these companies are predicting.

It is thought that the iPhone 5 will be released in June / July 2011, therefore Apple has roughly two and a half months to finalize their product. Last year’s iPhone 4 antennagate saga has ensured that everyone will be keeping a close-eye on Apple’s next smartphone, if they get it wrong we could potentially see the demise of the iPhone, what do you think?

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  • Joyce

    I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the iPhone 5.

  • Brad

    That's bull. The demise of the iPhone? People are just so spoiled and find stupid things to complain about. I've never had trouble with the reception on my iPhone 4. I bet the iPhone 5 will be awesome.

    • Eta

      I agree.