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Steve Jobs on iPad 2 Release: Stock, Availability, and Patience

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad 2 release earlier this month, some of those in other countries was upset that they would have to wait a little longer than those in the US. However, the news that Apple is to release their latest tablet device in 25 other countries was seen as great news, which you can read more on in our recent article. However, there is still the issue with all the latest rumors regarding the stock and availability of the iPad 2, and how much patience we all have.

There is no denying how popular the iPad has been, some rival tablet devices are still unable to match its popularity. We know that there are now one or two new tablet devices on the market that now makes the current iPad look old and tired, but that is where the 2nd-generation model comes in. Demand is already huge for the new model, so much so, that there is now talk that people will not be able to get their hands on one. However, reading what Steve Jobs had to say on the Apple UK website, he believes that there is no such issue.

For those who do not know too much about this, it is quite easy to jump to conclusions why we would assume that the iPad 2 would be delayed. One of those main reasons was the disaster that took place in Japan, which we know is a world leader in consumer electronics devices and components. However, this is not the case, and according to a recent article on Computer World, Apple still intends to fulfill in promise.

Having said that, Jonny Evans adds that supplies of the iPad 2 could still be constrained, even though Steve Jobs says otherwise. It will certainly be hard to see how Apple will be able to keep up with demand, they faced a supple issue with the first iPad, and that was when there was no disaster to contend with. One would assume that Japanese companies are doing all they can to meet demand for such components, but they will have to face facts that the likes of Apple and others will have to sought out new suppliers to meet with consumer demand.

Will you have the patience if iPad 2 supplies became an issue, if so would it make you consider a rival tablet device – if they do not have the same issues as Apple?


  • Matches Malone

    by the time they have enough ipad 2 stock next thing you know iPad 3 will be announced

  • Guest

    Yes, I would go else where if Apple fails to provide. Toshiba Tablet is a possibility since it is coming out soon. and the Eee slate looks good to

  • Dr.

    Spell Check – Grammar Check.
    Rough read, good info


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