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New iMacs on route to US now?

We recently had an article looking at what any new iMac range could bring, and when it might actually happen. Now a new report has come to light suggesting when Apple could be launching the next version of the iMac.

Mark from AppleBitch is reporting that the next version of Apple’s iMac could be available around the end of April, or at the beginning of May. This follows a Tweet by Cnets Brian Tong in which he claims that reliable sources have revealed to him that new iMacs are “en route by ocean to U.S”. There are no major changes planned but it would include Sandy Bridge processors, and a Thunderbolt port.

The iMac last had an update about nine months ago so some changes are due at anytime. We have now seen the MacBook Pro range recently updated, so we now wait to see what happens with the iMac range. We recently asked our readers what they would like to have in the next iMacs, and we had some asking for more screen sizes and of course the Sandy Bridge processors.

There has also been talk of a bigger push for SSD storage in the iMac; while available as an option it is quite expensive. Stock levels of the current range of iMacs are also thought to be running low further fueling the idea a refresh is close.

Are you waiting for any update before buying a new iMac?


  • Polly

    I'm waiting to buy the NEW iMac ^^


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