Netflix Outage in 2011: Twitter Confirms Down For 8 Hours

By Peter Chubb - Mar 23, 2011

From what we know, this is the first Netflix outage in 2011, and for those who did not believe it to be a big issue, we can now tell you that Twitter confirms that the streaming service was down for 8 hours. That certainly is a long time to go without a service that users rely on so much, and the strange thing is, Netfix has not explained what the reason was for the downtime was. As far as we know, the last outage was back in October last year.

We cannot be certain what time the service went down, but we were informed by a number of our readers that it also affected things via the PS3 and the Roku box. PCMag learned that this was not all of the bad news, as it now seems that Netfilx is to scrap a number of its current shows from its Showtime service – things seem to be going from bad-to-worse.

Netflix seemed a little slow to reply to some of the tweets that was being sent to them on their official twitter page, and they cannot tell us that it was because they were working hard to resolve the issue – its not as if it would take all of them to fix the problem. They became aware of the issue, but did not seem to keep users in the loop, but at least they informed them that the service was finally up – as if they did not know themselves.

8 hours is a long time to go without Netflix, so how did this affect you? We would certainly like to know what you did with those eight hours without the use of the streaming service? Who knows, maybe this was the ideal time to spend a bit of time with the family and converse – lets not get stupid now?

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  • Steamboat

    August 8, 8:19 PDT.  Can’t get netflix to load.  Been trying for an hour.  Surprised there aren’t any comments about this here.


    It's still down now. They have to come up with a better 2 sentence statement that says we are working on it.

  • RN.

    Had to watch via computer. Netflix should send out mass emailings when this occurs, so we don't get increasingly frustrated with them. They owe it to us since it would be simple to program automatic emails.

  • I wanna be Dexter

    Had to break down and buy a Dexter episode from sony… we are nearing the end of season 2 and just couldn't wait. I can confirm it was down for many hours in Raleigh, NC. Trying to watch via PS3.

  • Fellowsheep

    While it was down…played with Amazon Instant Video a bit, but free TV selections are very slim. Even resorted to the dreaded antenna & local news briefly, but went to bed early

  • Jim

    Neftflix was down last night from 9-11 pm, it was down when I tried this morning at about 4 am (3-23), it is still down evidently, although I am going to their web page next to see what's up. They aren't saying anything.