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Firefox 4 first day downloads blitz IE9

When Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 just over a week ago, it managed some impressive download figures for its first day. Many felt it was Microsoft’s best effort so far, but was it good enough to start clawing back some of the market share it has lost to its rivals?

After only 24 hours of its release IE9 managed to chalk up a pretty impressive 2.35 million downloads, according to an article on Techtree by Nachiket Mhatre. But when you compare it to what Firefox 4 has just achieved its not so good, as this was downloaded a staggering 4.7 million times on its first day.

This is still a lot lower compared to the last version which managed 8 million on its first day, but this was promoted more. The latest version of Firefox has even got 3D acceleration support that users of Windows XP can utilize.

Mozilla will be looking to further enlarge its user base with Firefox 4, but it has seen Google’s Chrome which is now home to 10% of internet devices across the world. Whether Firefox can persuade users to ditch Chrome for its new version of browser remains to be seen.

But what other browsers could challenge the likes of Chrome and Firefox? Some of our readers have mentioned the often ignored Opera, or is they anything better which you use? Tell us what your favorite browser is.



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