Apple TV Update: 4.2.1 fixes flickering screens

By Gary Johnson - Mar 23, 2011

There have been a few problems of late with some of Apple’s products, we reported top you recently about issues some MacBook Pro models were experiencing which were fixed with a software update. Now it’s the turn for the Apple TV to get a similar update.

We told you recently about issues people were having with screen flicker on their Apple TV following the last software update. Now according to an article by Topher Kessler over at Cnet the latest version 4.2.1 has fixed a number of problems.

The problems with screen flicker or incorrect color has been addressed, with improved TV compatibility. Also where some Apple TVs would not wake up from sleep mode has been fixed, and a problem with audio which could not be heard on certain makes of TV after switching inputs has been sorted.

There is also improved performance and stability for Apple TV following the update. It is recommended that everyone who has had problems with screen flicker update their software, and it comes after only a couple of weeks since the last update was released which started all the problems.

If you have Apple TV let us know how you get on after installing the update.

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  • Jim Dunn

    I installed the new update on 22 March and the system now will not access Netflix, which is what I use if for exclusively. I know Netflix was down on the evening of the 22 but it is up and running now, but not on my Apple TV. The error code, 106:200 is not recognized by the Netflix site so I have no idea what to do next. Not a techie, but need some ideas. Thanks