Opera Mini 6 Brief Review and First Impressions

By Jamie Pert - Mar 22, 2011

Earlier we told you that Opera Mini 6 was now available for download, now I have had a chance to install it (version 6.0.24209) on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 (running OS 6.0) and I must say that it seems a lot faster than previous version of Opera Mini I have used before.

Now that I have had roughly 20 mins of hands on time with the browser I have noticed that web pages load far quicker than before, also when you zoom in and pan around websites images and other content seems to render with less of a delay.

The browser’s start page is still simple and effective, when you press the BlackBerry button you see a redesigned drop-down menu, here you can find a neat new feature which allows you to quickly and easily share websites with social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Opera Mini 6’s tab browsing functionality is better than the last version, simply click and hold on a link to open a link in the background, this allows the tab to load whilst you check out the page you are on, switching between tabs could be easier as on my BlackBerry it requires me to press my BlackBerry button and then use the optical trackpad to select the tab I want, shortcut keys would be much nicer.

We are reliably informed that YouTube video support is improved compared to previous Opera Mini versions, I tested out its functionality it seemed fine, however I never had a problem with this feature in Opera Mini 5 so I didn’t really notice any major improvements.

According to the official Opera blog there are lot of less noticeable changes as well, these include bug fixes, improved pinch-to-zoom and tap-to-zoom support (obviously unavailable on my Bold 9700), an improved UI for tablets and better font support.

You can download Opera for your mobile (Android, BlackBerry, Java or Symbian) here, if you have never used Opera Mini before you should definitely check it out, equally if you are happily using Opera Mini 5 it is well-worth updating to this new version of the software.

Have you installed Opera Mini 6 on your mobile device? If so, will you continue to use it?

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  • Alex

    when I uploaded new opera 6 to my nokia n82, I lost all my links from opera 5.1 – it was never so during the updates within opera 5 versions. But the main problem is that sometimes when I type text in the textboxes and press some submit button hear, this text is ignored – I reload the same page. For example, I could not use Search at gismeteo.ru site to locate my city – I had to locate it with links. Still it is not convenient to assign links at the start quick links panel.

  • Jose antony

    How can i sync my new opera mini vid d old one…

  • DroppingOperaMini

    The sign-in is unreliable and requires you to sign-in each time to link to your opera PC start page. Then it doesnt sync! What a dissapointment. You can't even manage your speed dial! Whatever's there is here. Boo! Go back to the drawing board!

  • samila kosala

    dissapointed . It even doesnt seem to know where to put a start up menu . love 5.1 4.2 and 5 beta 2 . it would be better if the three mixed up . start page in 5 beta , dropdown menu in 5.1 yellowish skin in 4.2 . cant download 5.1 again . it asks to replace 6 but operation fails . same with 4.3 . skins are gone . cant handle small font size .

  • samila kosala

    opera 6 is dull . The bright blue hyper link highlighter is gone . Colorful reddish title bar replaced by a black dull one .