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New Kratos Gameplay for Mortal Kombat is Treat for Fans

We have a treat for Mortal Kombat fans now. We recently informed you about a new trailer that was unlocked in the PS3 demo of the upcoming game which gave a glimpse of new character Kratos. An extended version of that trailer has just unveiled some brand new gameplay for you to enjoy.

We’ve not sure how this video has come to light, but we need to thank the guys over at MKUniverse.Lu for the clip. This is definitely the world’s first gameplay video for the God of War hero, so enjoy it below while you can.

We see some of his signature weaponry at his disposal in the clip, and it looks like a fatality on Sub Zero is also shown in the blurry video as well – it looks pretty tasty we think you’ll agree!

Hopefully NetherRealm Studios won’t tease us anymore and give us a real solid look at Kratos in high quality. Don’t forget, Kratos is a PS3-only exclusive character, so you’ll want to pick up that version of the game if you want to use him. The game is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 19th in the US and April 22nd over in the UK.

The video is below, let us know your thoughts on the first gameplay for Kratos. Is this a definite day one purchase for you?



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