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Life expectancy of new iPhone 5 release

Now that we got around 3 months before the iPhone 5 release date, most rumors have been discussed and some pretty solid specs have leaked, although we’re still at square one when it comes to any confirmation of these Apple rumors, WWDC 2011 is when the true iPhone 5 is revealed, and we find out what rumors were really true.

We know that most people want one iPhone 5 model that works with all networks, thanks to the feedback in our recent poll. Now that AT&T is buying T-Mobile, we see this in part due to the Apple iPhone, with some official confirmation from T-Mobile about damage from its network lacking the iPhone. Amazing that the future iPhone 5 could cause be a risk for carriers, if they do not carry it.

There are a few reasons why certain features need to be in the 5th generation iPhone, like NFC, although do the best specs and features increase a phones life expectancy?

Apple update every year, and this could be seen as keeping their tech up-to-date and ahead of the competition, but at the same time these updates cause a lot of pressure for the need to upgrade. What will be the life expectancy of your next phone, maybe even the iPhone 5 if you buy it?

How long do you keep a new phone considering the advanced technology, and speed that tech changes? If you plan to buy the iPhone 5, will you then upgrade to iPhone 6 in 2012?


  • gigabait

    I'm still using the 3gs. For a,what, 600-700$ phone i think i'm gonna stick with it thanks…..

  • Nathan

    I do plan to buy the iPhone 5 – 100% sure of it. I currently own a 3GS so the choice to upgrade is a no-brainer. In order to get me to upgrade again next summer to the iPhone 6, there would have to be significant improvements made to the iPhone 5. Serious leaps and bounds. I hate to say it, but the most likely scenario I'd see myself updating next year is if the iPhone 5 ended up being a pretty weak improvement over the iPhone 4 with Apple saving the really big surprises for the iPhone 6.

  • adam

    crap its not true just tell us the exact date


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