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Kinect Hacks: Sony PS3 has best of both worlds

We have seen a fair share of hacks for Microsoft’s Kinect camera hardware over the last few months, but perhaps none more exciting than this. The device has now been hacked to work on the Sony PlayStation 3 believe it or not, and we have a video to show you which proves it.

Credit for the hack goes to Shantanu Goel, as he has provided a video which shows the PS3’s XMB being controlled solely by Kinect. The code for the hack is in pre-alpha status at the moment, but the video clearly shows what is possible with the new trick.

The video even shows Killzone 3 operating on Kinect motion controls too – how impressive is that folks? You can see that a variety of hand gestures allows the user to navigate through the menus of Killzone 3, for example a scrolling motion to browse through the options and so on. The in-game motion tracking isn’t as impressive, but we’re sure that this will be fine tuned in a later build.

It’s pretty wacky stuff. Who would have thought that Microsoft’s Kinect would work on a piece of Sony hardware? Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on it. Does the PS3 really do everything?!



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