iPad 2 Gold History Edition – £5 Million Diamond Encrusted Tablet

By Jamie Pert - Mar 22, 2011

If there happens to be any millionaire tech fans reading this article we may have found the perfect tablet for you to buy, this is a gold iPad 2 which is encrusted with diamonds.

The tablet costs £5 million and it was designed and crafted by Stuart Hughes, the rear section is made from 24ct gold which apparently weighs 2,000 grams, whilst the Apple logo is made up of 53 diamonds. The bezel around the display is made from the oldest rock in the world and it also features sections of a 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone.

We have looked at the product description and photos on StuartHughes.com and we believe that the home button is made up of an 8.5ct flawless diamond which is surrounded by platinum and 12 outer flawless diamonds, you really can’t question Stuart’s attention to detail.

To give our American readers an idea of the price in USD we used to XE.com to convert the price and it equates to just over $8 million, only two of the iPad 2 Gold History Editions will ever be made, so hurry up and get yours now! Whilst I save up for the standard $499 iPad 2.

Do you think Stuart Hughes will sell his blinged out iPad 2s?

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