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HTC Thunderbolt: LTE Mobile Hotspot Connection Problems?

We recently told you about some problems with the HTC Thunderbolt in relation to an SMS issue that had been troubling users, but now we have some details on an apparent new problem which is tied down to Verizon’s 4G LTE hotspot device.

It looks like this is a pretty serious problem as well, as we’re hearing that the HTC Thunderbolt keeps dropping 4G LTE connection and reverting back to 3G CDMA connection when using the Verizon 4G LTE hotspot.

You can view a video of the problem at hand below, courtesy of Engadget. You’ll see during the video that the HTC Thunderbolt constantly drops it’s 4G LTE connection, and then moments later connects again only for it to happen further more times. This is obviously very frustrating for those of you who are trying to get a solid connection going – and unsurprisingly, Verizon are yet to comment on this issue.

It’s obvious that this problem is affecting quite a lot of Thunderbolt users, as there is now a forum post about it on the official Verizon forums which you can check out here. It’s becoming increasingly rare that big smartphone launches often occur without experiencing a fair share of issues. It’s definitely not good for Verizon after the delays to be talking about these SMS problems and now this 4G LTE hotspot one.

If you have been having any connectivity problems with your Thunderbolt, get in touch with us. We’ll update this if Verizon comment.



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