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Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Walkthrough – Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Video

As most of you will be aware, the Nintendo 3DS is released this week in the EU and US and if you are interested in picking up Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for the system, you’ll want to check out this lengthy gameplay walkthrough video that Ubisoft has just released.

The video gives a detailed breakdown of one of the levels featured in the game, and it also gives you a good look at the visuals and type of gameplay for those of you who are yet to see it in action before. The graphics are far from amazing, perhaps even slightly poor, but it looks like a good type of game to play whilst on the bus or train.

Shadow Wars is a launch title, so it will be available to buy either on March 25th in the UK, or March 27th in the US. The game is a birdseye style, turn-based RPG affair, with the both screens on the 3DS coming into effective use. The first will provide the main grunt of gameplay, whilst the other screen will provide you with your inventory, letting you choose weapons, items and so on.

It certainly is a change to the FPS style Ghost Recon games that we have become used to seeing from Mr Clancy. If this game interests you, check out the gameplay walkthrough below.



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