Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. iPad 2: Samsung’s Competitive new Pricing

By Chris Cook - Mar 22, 2011

Earlier we brought you news of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab models which debuted at CTIA, including specs and how the sizes of the devices compare to the iPad 2. Now with the announcement of the prices of these new devices they could be posing yet more threat to the Apple device.

The entry price for the iPad 2 is $499 and it appears that Samsung intend on being the first Android tablet manufacturer to compete directly with the Apple tablets, with its Galaxy Tab 10.1 matching the iPad 2 price exactly.

As the article at Slashgear explains for this price you’ll get the Wi-Fi only model and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 model actually beats both prices by $30. Both the Samsung slates will come in 32GB and 16GB memory storage versions and a high end 64GB model too.

Neither of the tablets are expected out anytime soon with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 due June 8th and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 not due until summer sometime. This will certainly give Apple the upper hand for now but when it comes to the Android market Samsung will be looking to gain a head start.

Check out the full article by clicking the link above where you will find more details on the Galaxy Tabs. What do you think of the new tablets so far? Do you think Apple should be worried? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Rick Navarro

    Well, I can tell you that as a Galaxy Tab owner, I have been happy with it since day one. Given my computer use I would have no use for the iPad. I need something I can hold in one hand and even given my big hands, the iPad ain't it. I was a long time iPhone owner and just got tired of the rules and I jumped ship to Android OS and never looked back. Now for the record, there have been many times I wondered why I bought it because I spend most of my time on the PC but it is nice to have from time to time.