Firefox 4 Vs Internet Explorer 9 Vs Chrome 10: Which Browser is Better?

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2011

Now that Mozilla, Microsoft and Google have released their respective Firefox 4, IE9 and Chrome 10 (latest version) web browsers, we want to know which one you favor the most. Have you tried all three and decided on a winner or are you still thinking about which one is the best?

Just a few hours ago we told you that Mozilla had put the full version of Firefox on their FTP servers for anyone to download, despite the fact that the browser isn’t officially released until sometime tomorrow (March 22).

Meanwhile, Microsoft went live with Internet Explorer 9 on March 14th, and followed this with an announcement saying that they had accumulated 2.35 million downloads during the first 24 hours, a figure which they were pretty pleased with. However, as proven on our IE9 problems thread, there are a lot of you who are experiencing issues with the new version, so a patch may need to be released to keep users happy.

Then onto the silent assassin, aka Google Chrome, as Google swiftly rolled out the latest version of Chrome 10 around two weeks ago. We ran a similar problem thread which you can check out here, but there doesn’t appear to be any major problems which is a credit to Google and their team.

So with that in mind, which browser are you currently using at the moment? Excluding the likes of Safari and Opera, we want to know which browser you think is the best in terms of speed and overall performance. We’re going to put our necks on the line to say that most of you won’t be choosing IE9, so we think it’s a dogfight between Chrome 10 and Firefox 4.

Vote in our poll below and we’ll be posting the results of it after your feedback.

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  • excunnus

    In my opinion, Firefox is the best for overall performance in terms of web browsing experience, but it is slow to load and has other small issues. I switched from IE years ago because it had become stale compared to other browsers. When IE tried to upgrade, it just became annoying. IE 9, though, is a little gem from microsoft. I am proud of them for the clean and fast browser they have put out. With that said, I do not see a great advantage of IE9 over the others. They are all just becoming "another web browser", which is good for us. I will pat microsoft on the back for a "win" in support though.

  • webwolf

    I've always stuck by IE, mainly because it wasn't as cluttered as Firefox appeared to be ( IMO in the years gone by ). But since I've installed Firefox 4 I doubt I'll be using IE unless there's a site that doesn't work in Firefox ( instead of the other way around as it has been )

    IE9 has some bugs that make websites break, also you can't modify the location of buttons and address bars etc like you can in FF4. Personally, coming from an IE fan, FF has it beat hands down you just need to spend some time setting it up and getting used to not using IE and I doubt you'll find anything that IE does better.

    Although, I still prefer IE's favourites menu, but I rarely use that anymore in preference of the Favourites bar which is filled with nested folders.

    Haven't tried Chrome 10, I'll suck it and see, but on previous experience I think Firefox will finally start to turn the tables on IE and leave Chrome eating it's magic browser dust.

  • Frank

    I voted IE 9 because of its overall os integration, look and feel, and speediness. The best thing i use is pinning sites to the taskbar. It's like creating easy web apps. I hope too many users don't judge IE9 like it was still IE 6 or 7. That wouldn't be fair. I use Chrome as well. But my nod is to Microsoft.

  • raanu

    firefox latest explorer is great easy to surf and new features.

    more is expected from the fox.