Firefox 4 Vs Internet Explorer 9 Vs Chrome 10: Which Browser is Better?

Now that Mozilla, Microsoft and Google have released their respective Firefox 4, IE9 and Chrome 10 (latest version) web browsers, we want to know which one you favor the most. Have you tried all three and decided on a winner or are you still thinking about which one is the best?

Just a few hours ago we told you that Mozilla had put the full version of Firefox on their FTP servers for anyone to download, despite the fact that the browser isn’t officially released until sometime tomorrow (March 22).

Meanwhile, Microsoft went live with Internet Explorer 9 on March 14th, and followed this with an announcement saying that they had accumulated 2.35 million downloads during the first 24 hours, a figure which they were pretty pleased with. However, as proven on our IE9 problems thread, there are a lot of you who are experiencing issues with the new version, so a patch may need to be released to keep users happy.

Then onto the silent assassin, aka Google Chrome, as Google swiftly rolled out the latest version of Chrome 10 around two weeks ago. We ran a similar problem thread which you can check out here, but there doesn’t appear to be any major problems which is a credit to Google and their team.

So with that in mind, which browser are you currently using at the moment? Excluding the likes of Safari and Opera, we want to know which browser you think is the best in terms of speed and overall performance. We’re going to put our necks on the line to say that most of you won’t be choosing IE9, so we think it’s a dogfight between Chrome 10 and Firefox 4.

Vote in our poll below and we’ll be posting the results of it after your feedback.

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