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Firefox 4: Download Full Version Now, Any Problems So Far?

The official release date of Firefox 4 isn’t actually until March 22nd, but we can now confirm that the Firefox 4 download is now available from Mozilla’s FTP server. For those of you who have already installed it, we want to know if you have had any problems with it so far.

To get the final version of Firefox 4, head to Mozilla’s FTP server here, as reported from TechRadar. Click on your platform of choice, either Mac, Linux or Windows, and then simply click the folder that is relevant to you, which is likely to be en-GB or en-US. Inside you’ll then find the .exe file you need if you’re on Windows, and that’s the final version.

This version is pretty much the same as the RC release that became available at the end of the week. Mozilla has obviously seen no major problems with the last version, and having previously released 10 betas for Firefox 4, the full version is finally available for public use.

So to those of you who have already downloaded Firefox 4, what are your thoughts on it? Is it the most impressive version of Firefox 4 to date, or are there some areas that you’re disappointed about? We haven’t heard of any major problems with the new version yet, but if you spot anything, you can come here to report any issues and see if other readers are having the same problems.



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