Firefox 4: Download Full Version Now, Any Problems So Far?

By Alan Ng - Mar 22, 2011

The official release date of Firefox 4 isn’t actually until March 22nd, but we can now confirm that the Firefox 4 download is now available from Mozilla’s FTP server. For those of you who have already installed it, we want to know if you have had any problems with it so far.

To get the final version of Firefox 4, head to Mozilla’s FTP server here, as reported from TechRadar. Click on your platform of choice, either Mac, Linux or Windows, and then simply click the folder that is relevant to you, which is likely to be en-GB or en-US. Inside you’ll then find the .exe file you need if you’re on Windows, and that’s the final version.

This version is pretty much the same as the RC release that became available at the end of the week. Mozilla has obviously seen no major problems with the last version, and having previously released 10 betas for Firefox 4, the full version is finally available for public use.

So to those of you who have already downloaded Firefox 4, what are your thoughts on it? Is it the most impressive version of Firefox 4 to date, or are there some areas that you’re disappointed about? We haven’t heard of any major problems with the new version yet, but if you spot anything, you can come here to report any issues and see if other readers are having the same problems.

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  • DJB

    I had display problems with FF4 on a WordPress-based site, eg the footer logo scrambled and repeated three times farther down the screen. Another site showed all the apostrophes as graphic ?s. Reinstalled FF3.6 – problems gone.

  • Graham

    Installed FF4 today – has totally screwed my computer. Keeps freezing and can only be stopped (eventually!) with Taskmanager. Last time it froze up all the other running programmes and the whole computer had to be manually switched off as it would not do anything at all. Disastrous – forced to use IE now. Windows XP Pro and SP3

  • g.g.

    I tried to install it 2X. Kept getting a message that it was offline. Also, it did something to McAfee. Had to search for McA updates and install them. I'm using the older version and plan to continue with it.

  • FF4 No Thanks !!!

    Until FF4 has been round long enough for the initial bugs to be sorted in auto-upgrades, I wouldn't recommend as have experienced many of the problems previously mentioned by other users … have rolled back to 3.6 and am happy browsing again !!!

  • beth

    Agreed with a lot of other users problems listed here. Firefox 4 constantly freezes (hangs), when it crashes or I have to force quit it often can't restore my previous session without refreezing. Another huge problem is that it uses ENORMOUS amounts of memory. My computer works double time with the fan spinning at full speed anytime firefox 4 is open (even if I'm not actively using the program) This has caused my entire computer to freeze twice now. I tried disabling add-ons and a number of other ideas but the best thing was just replacing it with the old version (firefox 3.6). I might give it another try sometime down the road because by the looks of the message boards around the internet I'm assuming a problem experienced by thousands of people will have to get fixed in a future version.

  • Terry

    I just started with FF 4 on a new laptop with Win 7 which is also new to me. I have to say I don't like FF4 as much as the last version I was on, 3.6 I believe it was. I use bookmarks and don't like the new location for that. I also don't much like their drop down menu very much. I've also found that on some websites, not all, I can't highlight and copy text. Not sure what the problem is, I haven't had the time to see why it might work on one site but not on another. I'm going to try to uninstall FF4 and go backwards to see if that fixes the problem or if there is something in Win 7 or the Norton 30 day trial I allowed to run.

  • Ken

    My home page resets every time I close Firefox. I have re-set it a dozen times…this ain't my first Firefox and I know how to do it. There is a bug in 4.0 when used with Windows 7.

    How do I fix it?

  • Guest

    totally underwhelmed by FF4 – all kinds of problems – for me, most obvious is complete lack of functionality using Yahoo mail

  • Cole Turton

    Firefox 4 causing lots of problems. Bookmarking playing up. Tabs greying out.

  • Still using XP

    I’ve gone back to 3.16 twice now. The FF4 freezes frequently, seems slower and overall not impressed. Wondering if it is XP or if Win 7 has same issues. I’m not using sync. The freezes I get are “not responding” errors and often have to kill and restart. Not happy camper, will wait a while b4 trying again… There is a bug fix forum on Mozilla tomorrow, hopefully they will address the issues!!!

  • Meir

    I can view Windows Media player and also not get streaming music from certain sites after upgrading to FF4.0

  • Dave Brickner

    All I want is a simple ICON in the toolbar to open "Outlook Express"! That can't be too hard can it?

  • John 1

    When i use the Google drop down search box I am offered "recent " searches however when i click on a search item nothing happens, I have to type the full search again. Any solution please?

  • Steve

    Firefox 3.6 is as great as is Firefox 4 is terrible. Froze up my computer then wouldn't let me uninstall.

  • Peggy

    As soon as I downloaded 4 I lost everything…it will not come up, goes to plain white screen, have to kill computer to exit. Tried uninstall and recovery back to a prior date, will not come up. Tried uninstall and reinstall, same problem. Have had to go to IE. Would love to have 3 back but nothing related to Firefox will come up now, even when using recovery to a prior date in February!

  • Fred

    1) After initial load: select Tools | Clear Recent History… | Clear Now (all items selected) and I get the A Script On This Page Has Stopped Working message MOST of the time (but not all)
    2) "Key Scrambler" add-on was not identified as incompatible; however, unless I click on its tray icon after loading Firefox 4 it won't actually do anything.
    3) Tools | Options | Advanced | General tab: they STILL HAVE NOT FIXED the "Submit crash reports" checkbox — it is selected by default, and unchecking it lasts until you close the dialog box; open it again and magically the checkbox is checked again. This has been going on FOREVER — I think since the stupid option has been there.
    4) Stupid messagebox style — or lack thereof — 99% of messageboxes are now just these stupid plain frames that resemble the old 2D-style boxes we used to draw to the screen from OUR DOS APPLICATIONS!

  • John C

    It's awful. On my Mac OS10.6.6 it just freezes. Won't do a thing. Where do I find a copy of 3.6 that won't automatically default to version 4.0?

  • Ian

    Just installed Firefox 4 and can't load my starter site – Sever not found error. Can't believe that is unavailable. Thinking of reverting to 3.6.

  • Lee

    Like the new browser, but am having a real problem with it. First time I open it, website appears, but cannot click on anything on webapge. (Computer "clunks" at me). Closing and reopening does not help. However, if I open a second copy of firefox, the second copy works just fine. There looks like there's a very small undefined window in the upper left corner of the screen (maybe a script error report?) but can't see it, move it, or interact with it (on the first open copy). Took me awhile to figure out that second copy would work….can't see any other reports of this problem, but it's frustrating. Running Windows 7 32 bit.

  • Garry

    The new firefox has stuffed my computer completely so beware, dont know what it is, Firefox freezes and whole computer goes soooo slow. I have to reboot to get normal speed back. If I use Internet Explorer then no problems but as soon as I go back to Firefox the same thing happens again. Going by the number of people with the same problem I would have to say it's time to drop Mozilla products, they just cant get their act together.

  • Linkan

    I have only one problem with Firefox 4. When I try to open my homepage "" An record window for web-camera comes up. My site works in IE.

  • Rowan

    I've had a problem downloading firefox 4, because in the intallation, at the stage where it has two tick boxes saying 'standard' and 'custom' ive clicked standard and pressed the next button but it says please reboot the machine in order to uninstall the last firefox. I pressed ok ,*rebooted*, i go on the download and it says the same thing again. I tried again and again, and even selected 'custom' but none of them worked. I need help and i want to get firefox 4.

  • RetiredOne

    Problems with Firefox 4 and the Google Toolbar and problems with the fonts when printing, suddenly all large and bold. Rolled back to Firefox 3.6 and now, no more problems

  • Doc Rob

    Getting a lot of window freezes, especially when running video (YouTube mostly); sometimes the whole browser locks up and has to be shutdown with Task Manager (Windows XP Pro SP3, if you need to know). Takes a while to start, and pages don't seem to be loading any faster; maybe even slower than before. I've noticed the bold text too on some sites, but not a huge issue for me yet. Not really living up to the hype and promises; still my favorite browser, but it feels like a slightly malfunctioning 3.6 in a new packaging rather than a big update .

    • Yellowman

      Am experiencing same problems–window freezes when running video (also mostly YouTube); browser locksup/must shut down w/ Task Manager (also WIN XP, SP3). Glad I'm not the only one. going to a few other forums to put this out 4 possible solution. If this cannot be solved, am going to make Google Chrome my preferred browser.

  • moggie

    hate it can't go back a page, colour too bright and menu bar is rubbish:(

  • Holavista

    Many fonts on my website are suddenly bold. Spaces between lines are bigger, which is causing distortions in columns. None of these problems in 3.6 or other web browsers. This is ruining my work. Using Windows 4, 64-bit.

    • Holavista

      Of course, using Windows 7, 64-bit.
      Talking about FireFox 4, official release!

    • Holavista

      Mistake: I meant Windows 7, 64-bit.
      Problem was about FireFox 4, official release!

  • prashan

    Firefox 4 sucks, it is not opening my website built on python and postgres with google maps. It was working perfectly with 3.6. Is it a waste of time to upgrade ? Are there any patches to recover the problem ?

  • Unusable. Everything is displayed in bold. Had to uninstall it and roll back to the 3.6 series, which works flawlessly. This on Windows7 64-bit.


    Installs and seems to start but will not appear on screen. Will not close unless killed. Can not remove as I have no back up of 3.16. Stuffed. Had to move to Chrome.

    • John

      Stuart, you can still download and install older versions of Firefox. That will get you back to where you were. Just Google for it.

    • Steve Ryan

      I had the same problem. I don’t really like the idea of moving the tabs, but I was willing to try it. I may never know, since Firefox 4 won’t appear. I tried the install twice, once before and once after installing Windows 7’s service pack.

      I’m very worried about the future of Firefox.

  • Shanel

    The window freezes at times, can't scroll up or down or click anything in it.

    • Joan

      I'm having the same issue, I loaded at work and the window froze up at least 10 times in the first two hours. I just loaded it at home and it's done it twice in the last 15 minutes…I'm not overly impressed.

    • Manos

      I also have the same problem both in my work and home PC on a daily basis. The windows just freeze very often. Furthermore, Firefox 4 looks very much like Explorer 8. I am very disappointed. The previous version was definitely better.

  • Garry Bailey

    Hi Unable to open e mail @ Tiscali after loading Fire Fox 4.

    • David

      Me too, also unable to open my other account 'Terra'

  • Gary W

    When using Netflix, the back to browsing button doesn't work. This is when you've finished watching a movie. The only way to get back to the main menu is to close and restart Netflix. Minor but annoying.
    If you have the Google toolbar and type in a search, the suggested drop down's still show up, but clicking on one gets you nothing.