Dragon Age 2 Patch for PC, List of Changes and Download Link

By Jamie Pert - Mar 22, 2011

If you have been playing the PC version of Dragon Age 2 you may have noticed some minor problems with the game, BioWare recently release a patch for the game along with a high-resolution texture pack which should improve the graphics when playing the game on high-spec hardware.

Let’s start with the patch (1.01), this fixes a problem with game saves on single core machines and it also fixes an annoying issue which would result in the game asking for non-existent drives. Some players reported that control issues would not allow them to unlock correctly, this should be fixed along with a Steam problem which would result in VO not playing after switching languages.

Patch 1.01 can be downloaded here, it works with all languages and is just 9MB in size.

If you want improved visuals you should download the high-resolution texture pack, to get the most from this pack you should be running Windows 7 with a DirectX 11 compliant graphics card with at least 1GB of video memory, BioWare also suggest that DirectX 10 GPUs with Windows Vista SP2 should also benefit from the pack.

If your PC meets the above specs simply download it here (1.08GB) and run it, once installed run the game and go into options, under video options tick the “Hi-resolution textures” checkbox, if your PC is DX11 compliant and you have the latest drivers installed you should be able to enable the “very high” settings without any problems.

Did the patch fix problems for you? If not, which problems still exist?

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  • Michael

    there are many bugs
    when i try to attack any enemy it switches to cursor and the sword cursor does not appear


    I WANT A 360 PATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :I

    • Brook

      It's called a PC.