Sony NGP: Digital Downloads Preferred to Physical Media

By Jamie Pert - Mar 21, 2011

Sony’s latest console venture the Sony NGP will have all of its games available via download, whilst only some titles will be available on physical media. The news comes from Engadget and suggests that Sony believe digital downloads are more favorable to physical media.

Previously we have seen games available for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, however a lot of people think that downloaded titles should cost significantly less because you do not get a physical product and it cannot be sold on once you are bored of it, therefore it will be interesting to see what price Sony NGP titles will be priced at.

With Nintendo 3DS games (physical media) costing $39.99 each you would think that the NGP’s downloadable titles should cost less than this, however many will regard Sony NGP games to be superior (due to the graphics), what do you think?

One great thing about digital downloads is that they do not sell out and you will not have to queue up at stores for them, however to be successful Sony will have to make sure that their software and servers are up to the job.

We have mixed views on the idea because we like to have the packaging, artwork and booklet as it makes you feel like you own the product. What do you think about Sony‘s decision to make more games downloadable rather than available in stores?

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  • Lunias

    This is not a very well informed article. Although the NGP will have digital distribution, it will also have flash card format for new games, much like the DS has now. In no way, shape, or form has Sony said they would have less games in a physical format than in digital format. On the day that the game comes out in flash format, it will also become available on digital, so there's less wait for downloadable games. Also, bandwidths are pretty terrible in the US; you take nearly 12 hours to download Metal Gear Solid: PO Plus, which is less than 2 gigs of memory. All games will be in 2 gig or 4 gig format! That takes too long, IMO. I don't want to wait a whole day just to download a game. I'd rather go to a store 20 minutes away and get it myself.


    Yes, I agree, the price SHOULD BE WAY LESS, as i can not RESELL used games if they are digital, nor can i BUY used games. Also i do not purchase many digital games for that reason. I will still get the NGP, however i will be more selective with my choice of games and not many of them. I already have Playstation Plus, so i have many free PSP games that I will transfer.

  • Travis

    They better be cheaper. Graphics or not. I trade old games all the time at the used game stores.