Should Battlefield 3 PS3 Feature 3D and Move Compatibility?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 21, 2011

DICE has revealed that they are thinking about making their upcoming hit Battlefield 3 compatable with Playstation Move andalso offer 3D visuals. DICE’s GM has said “We are thinking about it, yes, definitely,”

The thought comes from the movement in the Playstation game market as many games are seeping into the 3D market and more and more have begun incorporating the use of the Playstation Move controller since its release. The art director for Battlefield 3 said “Of course we look at what the others are doing, at the same time, we’re looking at what we can improve.”

You can see a list of PlayStation Move compatible games here and a list of 3D PS3 games here, as you can see DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE) has not released a game with 3D visuals or Move compatibility yet, therefore it is about time that such a formidable game developer started offering games which support two of gaming’s latest technologies.

Other games such as the recently released Killzone 3 support 3D and feature Playstation Move compatibility, therefore those of you who have paid out for Sony’s motion controller and a 3DTV will be looking for new releases which will utilize their new goodies, but does Battlefield 3 need to offer these features?

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  • Nosbornala

    No move no buy

  • gladeous

    YES and YES. Will not ever play a FPS without the move sharpshooter again! No Move No buy.

  • krazymo

    If it doesn't support move sharp shooter I won't buy the PS3 version of this game. I will buy only the PC version and upgrade my rig. But, if they do support move/sharpshooter it will make it impossible for me not to buy this game.

  • Notorious

    MOVE is the stuff dreams are made of (my dream is Battlefield 3) so it's like Peanut Butter and Jelly. EA go make me a sammich!



  • Sean

    Move and sharp shooter compatibility would be awesome for this game. I played KillZone 3 with the move and sharp shooter in 3D and it was very cool but some said something about not blinking as often as you should. I had that problem playing in 3D, I was able to track fine but my eyes would start watering because they would get so dry and I would have to pause and wait.

  • Benjamin

    Please we want the game to support ps MOVE =(!

  • Nens

    No move no buy for all FPS

    • wheym4n

      same here…..played KZ3 with move, never went back to playing COD and BFBC2……incoming FPS titles….no move no buy..

  • Alfgold

    no Move/Sharp Shooter support in a FPS, no buy. simple.

  • TheZip-

    Move and 3D are here to stay. As a gamer with both, I will not be buying any more games that do not support both. (MINIMUM of Move control.)

    Plus, a LOT of people are starting to play shooters that have always hated having to control them with thumbsticks, and unless you want to be boned out of that potentially huge market (and capitalize on something Xbox doesn't have at this point — Kinect will not control a shooter as-is), Move is a must.

    Most of you commenting against 3D are the kind of gamer game companies do not care that much about… CHEAP.

    Further, if a game wants to remain playable and current for more than a year or so, if it DOESN'T have Move control or 3D, it's going to start to look dated pretty damn fast.

    If you haven't played in 3D, you don't know what you're missing. And millions who have stayed away from gaming because thumbsticks, which are an AWFUL way to control a shooter, are ready to pounce on good games that no longer require ten thousand hours of thumbstick mastery to enjoy. IT JUST MAKES ECONOMIC SENSE. (And, 64 players is usually a clusterf**k anyway.)

    • Wolf

      Well said Sir (TheZip)…and we all know Haters will always Hate…Besides alot of Playstation FPS gamers are investing in the MOVE… Dont believe me..Google the Stats!!.. For a game like Battlefield 3 that uses Frostbite 2… it would be a terrible marketing strategy if DICE does not include the Move and 3D support… And by the way… to all u retards.. The Move and 3D features are only an option!!…An Option!!…OooooPTION!!.. It Does Not effect the Servers…or create glitches.. or reduce multiplayer features… please save the BS for ur lil cousins..its 2011 Shltnuts… its time to come outta ur basements and see how far we're advancing in technology…

  • illerthanthou

    I would be down to play this with the Move.


    i don't even have a ps3 but i think they should leave 3d alone.
    for the few people that have a 3d tv it will be good.
    but since ALL the people will have the game i think its better for dice to concentrate on doing something that will benefit everyone who plays it.

  • expertmark5man

    No, leave 3d out of it. So few people will play it in 3d anyway. 3D TVs are expensive and the time to incorporate move and 3D will take out the time to add more players to the game. LEAVE MOVE and 3D OUT OF IT!

    • MR B

      :/ broke bitch!
      waaaah its too expensive!
      just cuz you dont have a 3D tv and that they're expensive
      doesnt mean they wont be in some years and besides,
      3D tv owners like 3D so do something for that crowd.

      • expertmark5man

        Quality and polish, 64 players, more features > 3D and Move

  • loosethoughts

    Remember Archie, once you go blind, there is no way back!

    3d will mess with your vision, especially when you need to constantly track movement on screen. You probably don't blink as often as you should!

  • duncan

    i agree if they can add move and 3d they can give us 64 players

  • archie

    Dice dont listen to Joseph, 3D is awesome and look forward to see this game in third dimension!!!!!!

    Since i've got 3d telly, i cant be bothered anymore about games in 2d. Once you go 3d, there is no way back 🙂

  • 818 king

    you right

  • Jospeh

    Dice Please No instead heres an idea with the PS3 Bandwidth how about umping up the player count to more then 12 vs 12! Screw 3D Tech Half of us gamers don't even own it because its hell expensive Glasses and TV!