Pedal-Assist e-Bike Concept Result of NuVinci, Bosch, and Gates Combination

Here is some news for those of you who love a good leisurely bike ride in the sunshine without working up too much of a sweat. It’s not an electric bike that will send you hurtling down the road at 40mph; instead it’s a pedal assisted e-bike concept.

This energy efficient bicycle is the result of a combination of three manufacturers; NuVinci, Bosch and Gates. Each contributing their own technology.

NuVinci provides its N360 variable planetary hub; Bosch provides the control system and battery while Gates provides its Carbon electric belt drive.

The way in which this concept would work is using its intelligent power train which can be set at different levels of assist to suit the users’ needs. The settings are broken down to four levels which range from eco to speed depending on how strenuous you’d like the ride to be.

For this luxury bike experience you will have to pay a pretty penny as it is estimated to cost in the region of $4,500 or €3,200. What do you think of the concept? Would you pay that sort of money for a bicycle? Let us know in the comments below.



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