New MacBook Pro problems 2011: Freezing from overload

Those of you who are fortunate (rich) enough to own an Apple MacBook Pro may have considered yourselves lucky to not be having issues with the Intel Sandy Bridge processor but may be experiencing other issues, mainly freezing.

As a result the Apple official support forum seems to be bombarded with the same comments from users of the 17” and 15” MacBooks finding that their laptop is freezing from what seems overloading. By this I mean encoding a large video for example.

As explained in the article by Donald Melanson at Engadget this problem seems to be graphics related, specifically the AMD graphics that the laptops have. When the graphics are switched to integrated only the problem seems to cease for most users, but this however leads to a considerable drop in graphics performance.

Though Apple hasn’t released anything to fix the problem as of yet, a number of solutions are being suggested on the forum. Customer service is also claiming that the issue is firmware related and not a hardware problem.

Check out the article by clicking the link above, where you will find a link to the forum. Are you having issues with your MacBook Pro? Let us know in the comments below.



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