HTC Thunderbolt, Free Battery Discussed Over Short Life

By Gary Johnson - Mar 21, 2011

The Verizon HTC Thunderbolt has only been available for a few days, but the handset is causing a lot of concern with owners over battery life. My colleague Alan Ng told you earlier about the $50 battery upgrade available for users, but many of you have been contacting us saying it should be available free.

Many of you have been saying how poor the battery life is on the Thunderbolt, and with some of you charging the handset up to four times in a single day. Another reader told us they left their Thunderbolt with a fully charged battery when they went to bed, by the morning they only had 50% battery life left.

A big concern for many with the extended life battery, is not just the cost but the added bulk. This means that any cases currently available for the handset are not usable. Many of you have said how good the actual handset is, but the life of the battery is really letting it down.

There are some ways you can slightly extend the times between charges, turning the brightness down or switching off the automatic brightness setting may be of some help. This is not the first time HTC handset’s have come in for criticism about battery life, in the UK the Desire HD battery life has also been an issue for owners.

What do you think? Should Verizon offer owners the extended battery for free, or at least a new cover which can be used with it?

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  • alisa

    We shouldn't have to pay 250 for a phone then 50 for a battery when its their fault not ours!!!!! I really want that phone but what's the point if I can only use it 4 hrs!!!! Or pay 50 more?? I think its wrong! I'm hoping if enough people complain maybe they will just start giving the extended battery with the phone n reimburse the people who already had to pay for it!!!!!

  • Brent

    its sad that you have to turn off all the features that make this phone great just to keep it running….I love the phone and what it is capable of, but I dont want to keep it if I have to turn it all off just to walk around the zoo for half a day and worry that the battery is not gonna make it……:( . I hope that Verizon or HTC helps us out and restores our confidence in their service and products.

  • Chris

    They definitely need new covers for the extended battery. I finally found a shell/holster that I like but i'll have to say bye-bye when my extended battery gets here.

  • Joanne

    I think a battery should last all day. Verizon should supply an adequate battery and the included one is awful.
    Also, I am not impressed with some apps that can not be removed like IM. I want to control which apps are running!