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Homefront Video Game Takes Top Spot on UK Game Chart

Despite a difference of opinion amongst critics and the problems that gamers began reporting shortly after it was released, Kaos Studios and THQ’s Homefront video game has somehow managed to take the top spot in the UK game chart this past weekend.

According to David Jenkins on the website, the controversial first-person shooter managed to knock BioWare’s Dragon Age II game down to No. 2. The Xbox 360 version took the biggest share of the overal sales, with a massive 70% of buyers choosing to purchase that version.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 3 version took 26 percent of the sales and the Microsoft Windows version just 4%. The recently released PC title Total War: Shogun 2 entered the chart at number four, while 2K Sports’ Top Spin 4 game debuted at a slightly disappointing number 13.

Sega’s PlayStation 3 title Yakuza 4 on the other hand debuted at number 25. Last week’s No. 2 Pokemon White version dropped down to number 3 this week, while the Pokemon Black version dropped to number 5. EA’s Fight Night Champion 3 was this week’s No. 6, while Just Dance 2 took 7th position.

Finishing off the Top Ten were FIFA 11, Killzone 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which made its way back up the charts from being at No. 13 last week. Are you surprised to see the Homefront game at the tope of the UK game chart?


  • Patrick

    What a waste of time how do they get away with selling games that dont work? I got the game today all it does is freeze been trying to get online for an hour there just selling products what are not tested DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ITS A WASTE OF TIME…(ps3)

  • David

    The game dont even load up for me got the screen crash lol tell everyone that before they buy it eh

  • Juninho

    How did this get to the top…I got the game on ps3 never been able to play online yet because it crashes every time i try dont buy this game its really below par….

    • patriot665

      i know right


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