Homefront Sales: Xbox 360 dominates PS3 and PC

By Jamie Pert - Mar 21, 2011

We have already mentioned the dissapointing review score that was given to Homefront by IGN in this post, however sales for the game seem to suggest that fan interest has not been knocked by the review.

In a post by Eurogamer we are told that 70% of sales were taken up by Xbox 360 gamers, which is a staggering percentage. Eurogamer stated that this may be due to the huge marketing campaign Microsoft held in order to make their exclusivity DLC deal worthwhile and not just a lost cause.

It would definately seem that they have succeeded here and regardless of the disappointing IGN review, the game has taken off in both America and Europe, in which it sold 375,000 copies in America alone on its first day on the shelves.

Eurogamer gave the game 6/10, a more diasappointing score than IGN’s, however their comments were more or less the same. It would seem that the reviews are mixed, the professionals think there was hype over nothing, whereas the fans think the game is still worth buying. What is your view on Homefront?

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  • Geoff

    I bought the game on Xbox 360, purely for the online multiplayer. The game is pretty awesome. What it lacks is some decent Servers (crashing numerous times if you manage to get on at all) & more maps.

  • marhorn

    Name one timed exlusive I listed!

    Wars over, Xbox 360 won…..Master Chief killed you!

  • LEViZ042

    As I can't seem to reply. Anew comment will have to suffice.
    How old are, grow up. Most modern consumer Networked products stream media its not diffilcult , look my phone can do it , Yaaay.
    The exclusive list isn't really something to boast about really , is it. theyre all dated and theres not much decent on the horizon unless you want to wave like cheerleader in front of a camera that is.
    best controller lol (yet again grow up) its preference and depend on the game environments.
    My original comment is a legitimate response to Rars ill-informed comment stating Playstaion is a sole games machine which out of the three 7th gen is actually the more varied in its non gaming attributes.
    I'd much prefer the exclusive content & lineup coming from SCE at the moment. not saying all 360 exclsuives are bad but theres like 3 on your list that I might have bought the rest would be rentals when I could have been bothered.
    Served please , funniest thing I heard all day , thanks , no really thanks

  • LEViZ042

    OMG Grow up, how old are ?
    Almost every new consumer networked product can stream some sort of media its not a big deal even my Phone can do it. Look wow. The PS3 has much great variety of uses other than a games machine etc my point was valid, as Rar's comment was ill-informed.
    Ratchet & Clank is a quality Game if your a child.
    Its the first time I've ever seen someone even try and challenge the superiorty of the Playstation Exclusive content, your exclusive line up is nothing to boast about really, is it? theres two perhaps three on that list I may consider buying the rest are rentals at best but yet again its preference but I know which exclusive content and game lineup I prefer and it isn't the small one you stated (and btw get facts straight , plenty of people are playing gran turismo, its a quality game and has a great following , not saying Forza is bad , yet again its preference )

  • Levizo42

    = Pure Games machine & Nothing else , that statement alone wins you the idiot of the year award. are you aware the the PS3 is a blu ray player , has a web Browser, Media Hub, Photo printer, video & Music streamer and has without doubt the best exclusives in the industry of consoles and far more, theres not much left on the 360 that is exclusive (fable & Halo to mention 2 of the main exemptions). The reason why Homefront sold more on 360 is due to advertising and possble the target audience , The PS3 gamers I know are a little more Savvy about what they buy (ie they don’t buy rubbish hence and they research for the best games) and don’t buy every generic sub par shooting game especially when they are all probably busy playing Killzone 3 or the numerous other superior exclusives

    • marhorn

      Funny, you say ps3 users dont buy rubbish…..Ratchet and Clank! Best exclusives are without a doubt on Xbox 360…….Forza (yeah dont hear anyone banging on about Gran Turismo anymore) Halo (nuff said) Gears, Project Gotham Racing, Alan Wake, Dead or Alive, Fable, Splinter cell. Not to mention all the arcade games, exclusive dlc, better controller, better online service (and community)

      My Xbox 360 streams all my media in 1080p (which looks a lot better thanks to anti aliasing)

      You just got….served!

      • LEViZ042

        Omg how old are you, grow up!
        even my phone streams media its not exactly difficult almost all consumer networked pruducts do it. And as for your exclusive list , its not really anything to boast about is it, theres two on that list that I would consider buying the rest is "meh". plus theyre all dated exclusives, not much on the horizon compared to the lineups coming from competitors unless you wanna jump in front of cameras. I can also assure you gran turismo is still well played and well followed, and the rest of your tripe is just pure preference.
        Served , funniest thing Ive heard all day, thanks for that.

      • LEViZ042

        And for the rest of the tripe that you and so many 360 trolls adhere to stating — ooouuu look my controller is better because its D pad is here and not there (yet again grow up) the layout of each controller has its Pros & cons depending on the game environment.

        Lol Served funniest thing I've heard all day , thanks , no really thanks

  • I am JC

    Considering how the vast majority of Xbox 360 users buy shooters more than any other genre this is hardly surprising at all

    • Rar

      What you gonna do after posting that comment… go back to drooling over killzone no doubt.

      Ps3 = pure games machine and nothing else

      360 = games machine (with superior exclusives), superior online play AND a media hub.

      Conclusion, 360 wins